End-of-life for CrashPlan On-Premises


CrashPlan On-Premises is retired and reached end-of-life on February 28, 2022. This article explains what the retirement means to customers who are currently using it. Code42 continues to offer a cloud-based version of CrashPlan


CrashPlan On-Premises

CrashPlan On-Premises retirement

CrashPlan On-Premises reached end-of-life on February 28, 2022. This means after this date:

  • Computers running CrashPlan On-Premises can no longer receive upgrades or patches, including critical security patches.
  • Code42 cannot guarantee that CrashPlan On-Premises will operate without issues.
  • If your contract extends beyond the end-of-life date, our Technical Support Engineer team will only continue to provide assistance with issues arising from the use of CrashPlan On-Premises through the end of your contract.

Please refer to the Product lifecycle policy document for our general end of support policy.

Frequently asked questions

Why did Code42 retire CrashPlan On-Premises?

We retired CrashPlan On-Premises because we can no longer ensure the safety and security of our on-premises offering.

On-premises products require customers to perform manual updates to keep them current against new exploits and/or vulnerabilities. Our experience shows that customers struggle to consistently patch systems in a timely manner. By moving to a cloud-only offering, we ensure that all CrashPlan customers are always on the latest and most secure offering.

Will Code42 continue to help me with CrashPlan On-Premises through the end of my contract?

Yes, if your contact for CrashPlan On-Premises extends beyond the end-of-life date of February 28, 2022, Code42 will continue to provide assistance with issues arising from the use of CrashPlan On-Premises until the contract ends.

Can Code42 help me transition from CrashPlan On-Premises to CrashPlan Cloud?

The Code42 Support team can help you set up CrashPlan Cloud. Contact our Technical Support Engineers.

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