Trademark usage guidelines

Last updated: January 3, 2023

Follow these Trademark Usage Guidelines when referring to Code42 trademarks, products and services.

Code42 allows the following uses of Code42 trademarks:

  • Referring to Code42 Products or Services. You may use Code42 trademarks in text to refer to Code42’s products and services.
  • Use in Marketing Materials by Authorized Partners. If you are a Code42-authorized partner, you may use Code42 trademarks in promotional, sales and advertising materials to refer to the Code42 products and services that you use or sell subject to your partner agreement with Code42. For example, if (and to the extent) permitted by its agreement with Code42, a partner enrolled in the Managed Service Provider Program may describe its service as being “Powered by Code42® Incydr™ technology.”

Code42 prohibits the following uses of Code42 trademarks:

  • Company, Product or Service Name. You must not use Code42 trademarks in any part of your company, product or service name.
  • Domain Name or Social Media Profile. You must not register a domain name or create any website, social media account or group that incorporates any Code42 trademark in a way that the public is likely to confuse as affiliation with Code42.
  • Code42 Logos. You must not use any Code42 logo, whether alone or in combination with any other logo.
  • Implied Affiliation. You must not use any Code42 trademark in a way that implies that Code42 endorses or is affiliated with your products or services.

When you are authorized to use a Code42 trademark, your use must do the following:

  • Use Proper Identification. Use the proper trademark symbol (® or ™) illustrated below to identify Code42 trademarks the first time the trademark appears in the text. 
  • Use Unmodified Trademarks. Do not alter any Code42 trademark. This includes inserting a space between Code and 42, or failing to capitalize Code.
    Right: Code42® Incydr™ product or Code42® Instructor™ product for first use; and Incydr or Instructor for subsequent uses after identifying them as Code42 trademarks.
    Wrong: Code 42 Incydr
    Wrong: code42 Instructor
  • Use Code42 Trademarks as Adjectives, not Nouns. Code42 trademarks should always be followed by a generic descriptor when identifying Code42 products.
    Right: The Code42® Incydr product offers a simpler and quicker way to protect your endpoint and cloud data against loss, leak, misuse and theft.
    Wrong: Use Incydr™ to protect your endpoint and cloud data against loss, leak, misuse and theft.
  • Attribute Trademark Usage. Any use of Code42 trademarks must include the following statement:
    Code42 [and list other Code42 trademarks used, if any] are registered trademarks or trademarks of Code42 Software, Inc. in the United States and elsewhere. All other marks are properties of their respective owners.