Contacting backup server message prevents web restore


The Code42 console displays the message “contacting backup server” if your archive is in maintenance or if port 4285 is blocked. Use the steps below to diagnose the cause of the message and resolve the issue.


 Code42 for Enterprise: Restores from the Code42 console

Before you begin


To determine whether or not you have a port conflict that is preventing restores from the Code42 console, you must test connectivity with the destination. To troubleshoot a connection, you need to know the storage server address you are attempting to connect to. If you do not know the addresses and ports for your Code42 agent, contact your Code42 administrator or contact our Technical Support Engineers​. 

Find the server address in the app.log
You can check in the Destinations section of the app.log at /Library/Logs/CrashPlan or C:\ProgramData\CrashPlan\log and find private=[server.address] for the server address.

When troubleshooting your network connection, it is important to test all of the addresses and ports used by your Code42 agent to connect to the storage server. 

Go to Test your network connection and follow the steps to test your connection to port 4285 with one of the tools listed. If you can connect, see Connected to port. If you are unable to connect, see Cannot connect to port.

Connected to port

If you can connect to port 4285, your backup is likely undergoing archive maintenance. During the process of archive maintenance, access to the archive is restricted and restores from the Code42 console are disabled. Once maintenance is complete, restores from the Code42 console are re-enabled.

If you have access to the Code42 agent, the status for archive maintenance is visible when you open the app.

Archive Maintenance

Cannot connect to port


If there is a port conflict on port 4285, download the Code42 agent to restore your files. The Code42 agent can be used to perform restores on any computer.

Uninstall the Code42 app
If you are using a shared computer, uninstall the Code42 agent after completing the restore.

Alternative solutions

If you are unable to connect to port 4285 using the Telnet test, a router or firewall may be blocking the port, or another application is using it. You can resolve this issue by adjusting the software firewall, enabling port forwarding, or moving to a new Internet connection:

  • Software firewall: Create a firewall rule to allow outbound connection on TCP port 4285.
    Consult the software manufacturer for detailed instructions on how to create firewall rules.
  • Antivirus: Some firewall and antivirus applications are capable of blocking connections on a per-application basis.
    Make sure the Code42 app has an exception configured in your security software. 
  • Port forwarding: If creating a firewall rule didn't resolve the issue, you may need to enable port forwarding for port 4285 on your router.
    Consult the manufacturer of your router or instructions from Port Forward.
  • New Internet connection: If possible, move to a different Internet connection to perform your restore.

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