Cannot open Code42 agent due to uncaught exception error


This article describes a known issue resulting in an Uncaught exception error that prevents you from opening the Code42 agent. This error appears when the Code42 agent log directory has limited permissions.

To correct this problem, follow the steps below.


Windows, Mac, and Linux devices running the Code42 agent with limited permissions on the Code42 agent logs directory.



When permissions on the Code42 agent log directory are changed by the end user or third-party software, it can result in the Code42 agent being unable to write to the log files in that directory. When the Code42 agent runs a check on startup to verify that it can perform all its required tasks, it encounters the problem with being unable to write to the logs. The Code42 agent then shows the Uncaught exception error that prevents the Code42 agent from starting.


Verify the problem by viewing the permissions on the Code42 agent log directory.




Contact Technical Support Engineers
If permissions for the log directory appear normal, contact our Technical Support Engineers for help with fixing the problem of not being able to open the Code42 agent.

Recommended solution

On Windows and Mac, resolve the issue by changing permissions for the Code42 agent logs directory. On Linux, resolve the issue by deleting the Code42 agent logs directory. The Code42 agent recreates it with the appropriate permissions the next time you launch the app as a user.




In rare instances, an issue with the ui.log file can cause an uncaught exception error. To resolve the issue, stop the Code42 service, delete the ui.log file (from the UI log file locations listed in the File and folder hierarchy article), and restart the Code42 service. After the service starts, a fresh ui.log file is created.