Code42 integrations resources


Code42 offers a variety of integrations to enable you to leverage Code42 features and data in other systems. This page lists resources for integrating with partner systems to get the most out of your Code42 environment.   

Watch the short video below to learn how Incydr integrates with other systems. For more videos, visit the Code42 University.


The Code42 API provides powerful capabilities for advanced search and configuration options. You can use the APIs to perform a variety of tasks, from performing automated actions to integrating with existing systems.

Incydr SDK

The Incydr SDK is a wrapper around the Code42 API that provides several utility methods. You can use the SDK to develop your own tools for working with Code42 data while avoiding the overhead of session or authentication management. 

Incydr command-line interface (CLI) 

The Incydr command-line interface (CLI) tool offers a way to interact with your Code42 environment without using the Code42 console or making API calls directly.

SOAR, SIEM, and other tools

Integrations created by Code42

Code42 has created applications to integrate Incydr with a variety of SOAR, SIEM, and data security analytics tools. See the following articles to learn how to use these integrations:

Integrations created by third-party vendors

The following third-party vendors have created integrations to Incydr. Contact the vendors to learn how to obtain and use their integrations. 

  • Nullafi
    The Code42 integration with Nullafi allows you to restrict access to sensitive data in your enterprise based on Code42-identified parameters, such as risk severity level or watchlist membership. See our solution brief for more information.
  • Tines
    The Code42 integration with Tines allows you to incorporate alerts and cases from Code42 into Tines security workflows. For more information, see the following Tines stories:
API clients
Each third-party integration requires you to create a unique API client and use the resulting client ID, secret, and base URL to configure the integration. Set the API client's permissions to the minimal permissions needed by the integration.

Integration guides in the Code42 Developer Portal

The Code42 Developer Portal contains Integration Guides that describe how to use resources in the portal to integrate with security tools. The following guides are available:

  • Microsoft Sentinel
    The guides describe how to use py42 and the Code42 command-line interface to send Incydr alerts to Microsoft Sentinel.  

Workflow automation

Code42 integrates with human resources systems, Slack, and more to automate your workflows. 


Code42 integrates with Zapproved for eDiscovery to help you streamline and scale legal hold and collections workflows.