IP address updates in August 2020

Initial announcement date May 7, 2020


On August 11, Code42 started optimizing our full range of IP addresses. This change was part of our ongoing work to improve security and performance. 

To ensure uninterrupted connection to the Code42 cloud, you should have opened your firewall for outbound and inbound access to all available Code42 IP addresses before August 11, 2020. 

Repurposed IP addresses

On August 11, 2020, the following IP addresses were repurposed:


These IP address ranges were primarily used by on-premises Code42 servers to communicate to the Code42 cloud. Because we are expanding the use of our Code42 IP addresses to allow for cloud connection by all Code42 servers, we repurposed these ranges for other use.

If you allowed access to the Code42 cloud using only these specific IP addresses, services provided by the Code42 cloud no longer function after August 11, 2020. 


This change affects all Code42 customers who used the impacted IP addresses to connect to the Code42 cloud.

This change does not affect customers with on-premises Code42 servers who store their data only in on-premises storage.

What should I do?

Code42 administrators

Change your firewall rules to allow access to all available Code42 IP addresses. If you already had provided access to all available Code42 IP addresses before August 11, 2020, no further action is required. 

Users of the Code42 app

End users of the Code42 app on endpoint devices do not need to take any action.

Frequently asked questions

How can I ensure uninterrupted service?

Open your firewall access to all available Code42 IP addresses

What happens if I don't allow access to all available Code42 IP addresses?

If you allow access to more Code42 IP addresses than only those IP addresses scheduled for repurposing, you have adequate access to the Code42 cloud and service continue uninterrupted.

But if you allow access only to the IP addresses scheduled for repurposing, services provided by the Code42 cloud no longer function after August 11, 2020:

  • Data cannot be stored in the Code42 cloud
  • Users cannot sign in to the console
  • File activity data does not appear in dashboards or detection lists in the console
  • File activity data cannot be accessed for investigation
Why are we making this change?

We are migrating Code42 cloud infrastructure to a more secure and robust platform, and as a result, are moving the affected IP addresses.

How can I get help?

If you need help, please contact our Technical Support Engineers.

We recommend that you subscribe to our announcements page in the Code42 Community to keep informed about any upcoming changes to IP addresses.

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