Send logs to support


When troubleshooting an issue in your Code42 environment, a Technical Support Engineer may request a copy of the logs or other diagnostic material from your Code42 agent. This article provides instructions for you to send these resources to our Technical Support Engineer team.


  • We recommend using an HTML5-compliant browser to upload resources, such as:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Resources that you upload to Code42 are stored securely in our data centers and accessible only to our Technical Support Engineers. For more information about Code42's security practices for support, contact our Technical Support Engineers.

Send Code42 agent logs

Insider risk agent

Backup agent

Send a HAR file

To troubleshoot issues with the Code42 console, use your web browser's developer tool to export a HAR file and send it to our Technical Support Engineers.

For instructions about how to generate a HAR file, consult resources available on the web (such as instructions provided by Zendesk). Also see the developer tool documentation for your web browser: