About our platform support policy


Code42 designs, builds, and tests its software to run on specific platforms, such as operating systems and web browsers. Examples include:

  • Operating systems, such as Windows, Ubuntu, and specific versions of macOS
  • Browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

This page is intended to explain the guidelines and process that Code42 follows when ending support for platforms and versions of those platforms.

Support for platforms

Code42 may choose to stop producing and supporting its products for specified platforms.

  • Code42 may, at its sole discretion, end support of its products on specified platforms.
  • Retirement of a platform generally coincides with the end-of-support date of a major software version of a Code42 product.
  • Code42 supports the last major version of a platform until the end-of-support date for a Code42 product on that platform.

Support for versions of platforms

Code42 may choose to stop producing and supporting its products for specified versions of platforms.

  • Code42 makes an effort to support the two most recent versions of supported platforms.
  • Retirement of a platform version generally coincides with either a minor or maintenance software version release, or with a calendar date.
  • Code42's end-of-support date for a platform version may or may not coincide with the end-of-support date for a major version of a Code42 product.
  • In the event that a platform's manufacturer discontinues support for a version of their platform, Code42 is likely to stop producing and supporting its products for that version of the platform as well.

Platform support guidelines

For specific details about system requirements of Code42's products, refer to the system requirements articles for each Code42 product:

Guidelines for operating system support

Code42 supports Code42 agents running on computers whose operating systems are supported by their vendors. Code42 does not support its software on computers running an operating system that is no longer supported by its vendor, including operating systems past the end of vendor support receiving patches through an extended security update program.

For details, see the Operating system support policy

Guidelines for browser support

In general, Code42 produces and tests browser-based products, such as the Code42 console, using the two most recent versions of each supported web browser.

Guidelines for retirement announcements

Our announcements about ending support for a particular platform are intended to provide you with time to transition to a supported platform. Code42 makes an effort to:

  • Announce retirements at least six months before the effective date of retirement
  • Support each platform through the platform's end-of-support date

When a platform or version is retired, Code42 posts an announcement on the support site and on the Code42 Community. Code42 also includes retirement announcements in its regular email notifications to administrators of Code42 environments. 



Access to maintenance, remote monitoring, and the Code42 Technical Support Engineer Team is no longer available. Patches, bug fixes, and troubleshooting are no longer available for products that have reached end-of-support.


Software used to run or access Code42 products. Examples of platforms include operating systems, mobile operating systems, and web browsers.


When a platform is retired, Code42 will stop providing support for accessing Code42 software through use of that platform.

Software versions

Code42 uses four designations for software versions:

  • Major software versions contain large features and changes to functionality. Major version numbers are one digit (and a zero), such as 4.0 or 5.0.
  • Minor software versions contain smaller features and enhancements to existing functionality. Minor version numbers are two digits, such as 3.6 or 4.2.
  • Maintenance software versions contain bug fixes and other small changes. Maintenance version numbers are three digits, such as 4.3.5 or 5.1.2.
  • Patch software versions contain bug fixes or other corrections that must be addressed before the next scheduled release point. Patch version numbers are four digits, such as or

Updates to this document

The Platform Support Policy document should not be interpreted as a legally binding commitment, but rather as an informational document that may change as we respond to changing market conditions and to our customers' needs.

This document represents the current view of Code42 as of the date of posting. Code42 may change or update this policy at any time, without notice. Code42 cannot guarantee that this document will be kept up to date, nor that any typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions will be corrected. Please check this document periodically to keep informed of any changes.

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