Back up and restore Microsoft Outlook data


Code42 no longer supports backing up Microsoft Outlook data (PST or OLM files).

Unsupported process
Since Code42 began offering the ability to back up PST files, PST technology and storage formats have evolved to become similar to a database. In order for a PST backup to be usable, you must have a coalesced snapshot of an exact point in time, which is difficult as the data is constantly changing. This makes it hard to have a restorable state without risking the loss of data integrity. As a result, Code42 instead recommends leveraging the native capabilities of your email provider to back up and restore PST files.

Simply put, PST files are difficult to back up and unreliable to restore. Because your experience will be better with the originating email provider, and because we can't guarantee service reliability, Code42 is ending support for backing up active PST files on April 15, 2023.


Backing up enterprise email
In server-based email configurations (such as enterprise environments or email clients using Exchange or IMAP), backing up email stored on your device may be unnecessary because your email is also stored on the email server. Contact your email provider with questions about your email storage.