Destination unavailable


When a backup destination is unavailable, the backup agent displays one of the causes listed below:

  • Backup scheduled
  • Under maintenance
  • Not recognized

Review the troubleshooting information below for the message you received.

Backup scheduled

The "Backup Scheduled - Backup scheduled to begin at X" message displays when the Code42 agent is set to run between certain hours and it is outside that time period. To adjust the times that the backup agent runs:

  1. Open the Code42 agent.
  2. Select Settings menu gear icon Settings.
  3. Select Backup Sets.
  4. Next to Backup Schedule, select Change.
  5. Adjust your backup schedule as needed.
These steps assume you have permission to change your backup schedule. Your administrator may prevent editing of this setting.

Under maintenance

If you see the message, "Routine maintenance - Backup will resume automatically when maintenance completes", the destination is currently performing archive maintenance. Archive maintenance is a normal part of the Code42 agent's operation. Backup will resume and the message will disappear once the maintenance process completes.

Not recognized

The "Not recognized - The destination does not recognize this device" message appears when a destination cannot successfully communicate with the Code42 agent.

To reauthorize with your destination:

  1. Open the Code42 agent.
  2. If necessary, sign in.
  3. Open Code42 Commands by entering the keyboard shortcut for your operating system:
    • Windows: Enter Ctrl+shift+C
    • Mac: Enter Option+Command+C
  4. Enter this command: deauthorize
    You are signed out of the Code42 agent.
  5. Sign in again to the Code42 agent.

Contact your administrator if you are still unable to back up to the destination after reauthorizing.

Deauthorizing from the Code42 console
Administrators can also deauthorize devices from the Code42 console. The user must still sign in to the Code42 agent to reauthorize.