Platform end of support for the Code42 app on Windows Server

Original announcement date February 2, 2017


The Code42 agent is no longer supported on computers running the Windows Server operating system in Code42 for Enterprise environments. 

There are no supported configurations for installing the Code42 agent on a Windows Server operating system. Code42 has no plans to support any version of the Code42 agent on any version of Windows Server.


All Code42 agent versions

Applies to Code42 for Enterprise
This policy applies to Code42 for Enterprise. If you use CrashPlan for Small Business, see CrashPlan for Small Business supported operating systems.

End of support for Code42 agent on Windows Server

The last Code42 agent versions supported on Windows Server were Code42 agent versions 4.8 and 5.4, and these Code42 agent versions are no longer supported. The last Windows Server versions they were supported on were 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2008 R2 operating systems in an enterprise environment; this configuration is no longer supported.

Later versions of the Code42 agent may install and run on Windows Server systems, but Code42 no longer tests on those systems, and it does not provide support to users on those systems.

This means:

  • Our enterprise Technical Support Engineer team does not guarantee assistance with issues arising from use of any version of the Code42 agent on Windows Server.
  • Code42 does not guarantee that any versions of the Code42 agent will operate without issues on Windows Server.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Code42 ending support for Code42 agent on Windows Server?

Code42 applications are designed to back up and secure end-user devices, such as laptops and desktops. They are not intended to back up or secure data on servers. Thus Code42 is ending support for Code42 agents on Windows operating systems that are intended to run on servers. Running the Code42 agent on unsupported operating systems may produce undesirable results.

How will I know when my operating system is no longer supported by Code42?

You can always find Code42 for Enterprise anticipated end-of-support dates for operating systems in the following articles:

Additionally, you can see our guidelines for supporting operating systems in our Operating system support policy.

What can I do to continue using future releases of the Code42 agent?

To continue receiving software updates and support for future releases of Code42 software, you must upgrade your operating system to a supported version of the Code42 agent.

As a Code42 for Enterprise administrator, what can I do to ensure that my Code42 environment continues to function and that my users continue to be protected?

To continue receiving software updates and support for future releases of Code42 software, you must upgrade the operating systems of devices in your Code42 environment to a supported operating system version:

Are Code42 servers still supported?

Code42 servers are supported on Windows Server operating systems.

If you have other questions, contact our Technical Support Engineers.

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