Agent Updates reference guide


This reference guide explains the Agent Updates settings in the Code42 console, which enable administrators to define Code42 agent upgrade schedules by organization. Configuring these settings to specify when new versions of Code42 agents are released to user devices enables you to:

  • Test new versions on a small group of users before updating all users in your Code42 environment.
  • Schedule upgrades to better align with your change management process.
  • Create a staggered rollout schedule based on organization. Upgrading Code42 agents over several days or weeks can help you better manage network resources.

New Code42 agent release dates are announced in advance in the Code42 community. To automatically receive email notifications about upcoming releases, subscribe to announcements for your product plan. 


To use this functionality, you must be assigned the Security Administrator role. 

Agent Updates

To view or modify upgrade schedules:

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console.
  2. Navigate to Administration > Agent Management > Agent Updates.

Agent updates with annotations

Item Description
a Delays Displays options for setting a global delay or organization specific delays. 
b Version Blocking Displays options to block upgrades to a specific version.
  • Prevents all devices in your Code42 environment from upgrading to the selected version. This can be helpful if you discover a problem on test devices.
  • Blocking a version overrides any existing delays for that version.
  • You cannot block all versions. There must always be at least one version available for upgrades.

Version Blocking is not visible by default. To enable Version Blocking, contact our Technical Support Engineers

c Global delay

Defines the number of days after the release date that organizations in your Code42 environment receive updated Code42 agents, with the exception of any organizations listed in the Organization specific delays section below. The maximum delay is 60 days.


See the Code42 community for release dates.

d Organization specific delays Lists organizations configured to use a different delay setting than the Global delay.
e Add delay Click to add a delay for an organization that differs from the Global delay. Choose a Recurring delay or One-time delay.
f Organization The organization to which the delay applies. Includes all child organizations, unless a child organization has its own delay.
g Delay type
  • Recurring: This organization upgrades to all new Code42 agent releases according to the defined delay. (For example, always upgrade 7 days after a release.)
  • One-time: This organization upgrades to a specific Code42 agent version on a specific date.1 This makes it easier to schedule upgrades within scheduled change windows. (For example, upgrade to version 1.3.2 on August 26, 2021.) Upgrades begin at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on the selected date.
h Scheduled update

Date that Code42 agents are updated on user devices. Upgrades begin at midnight Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) on the selected date.


For Recurring delays, this date is calculated by adding the Delay number of days for this organization to the original release date. Recurring delays do not specify a Scheduled update date because the date changes for each version and each release, but it is always the same number of days after the Code42 agent release date.

i Update delay

The number of days after the release date this organization receives Code42 agent updates. The maximum delay is 60 days. Only applies to Recurring delays.


See the Code42 community for Code42 agent release dates.

j Version

The version number to which the delay applies.1


For Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2:

The version number includes two values, for example: 1.6.2 (1.7.0). The two numbers reflect the insider risk agent's architecture, which includes two distinct components: a launcher and a service.

  • The first number is the App version, which indicates the version of the executable used to start the Code42 AAT Service. Some non-Code42 locations, such as third-party deployment tools and properties displayed by a device's operating system, only display this number.
  • The second number (in parenthesis) is the Feature pack version, which indicates the features and functionality of the agent. This number is used throughout the Code42 console. In most places, it is displayed alongside the App version.
k Actions

Click to view options for managing this delay:

  • Edit: Provides the option to change settings for this delay, including release timing and the affected organization.
  • Remove: Deletes this delay, causing the organization to follow the Global delay.

For Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, includes information and options about agent types. 

Override a delay to upgrade now

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1 only

During the delay period, you always have the option to manually update clients before the Scheduled Update date.

For all devices in an organization:

  1. Select Administration > Environment > Organizations.
  2. Select an organization.
  3. From the action menu in the upper-right, select Upgrade Clients.

For a single device:

  1. From the navigation menu on the left, select Administration > Environment > Agents.
  2. Select an agent.
  3. From the action menu in the upper-right, select Upgrade.