Support plan name changes FAQ


Effective September 18, 2019, Code42 changed the names of our support plans. This change does not affect anything about how you receive support or the support services available to you; it is only a name change.


Where do I find which support plan I have?

Sign in to the Code42 console and select Administration > Subscriptions. Near the top of the page, look for the support plan name (in the example highlighted below, the support plan is Gold Support).

Subscriptions page showing support plan name

What if I don't see a support plan name in the Code42 console?

If you recently deployed Code42 for the first time or renewed your existing subscriptions, you may not see a support plan name listed like the example above. To find your support plan, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

What is my new support plan name?

Your new support plan name is determined by your previous support plan name.

Previous support plan name New support plan name
Silver Select
Gold Premier
Platinum Premier Plus


What is included with my support plan?

Your new support plan offers all the same support services as your previous plan. The change is limited to the name of the support plan only. To view a detailed list of support services for your support plan, see the Incydr support policy.

Does this affect my current licensing?

No. This change does not affect your current licensing or what is available for your support plan.

Why are you making this change?

We are making this change to avoid confusion with our Code42 product plans, which also used Platinum, Gold, and Silver labels.

Code42 support plans are licensed independently of Code42 product plans. For example, the Platinum product plan does not automatically include (or require) Platinum support.

Does this affect both Code42 cloud and on-premises environments?

Yes. This name change applies to both Code42 cloud and on-premises environments, but it does not change any other aspect of your licensing or Code42 deployment.

How do I change my support plan?

You can change your support plan the next time you renew your Code42 licenses, or by contacting your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to request a quote.

When does this change go into effect?

This change goes into effect Wednesday, September 18th, 2019. However, some customers may continue to see the old support plan name on the Subscriptions page in the Code42 console after the change goes into affect.