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SharePlan end of sale and end of support

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    Code42 has announced the end of life for SharePlan, per our Product Lifecycle Policy. SharePlan's end-of-sale date is August 22, 2015, and its end-of-support date is December 31, 2015. Code42 has contacted affected customers directly to discuss the impact of this announcement.

    Additionally, SharePlan will not be supported in Code42 environments version 5.1.x and later. Customers who upgrade their authority servers to version 5.1.x and later will lose access to SharePlan functionality.


    SharePlan and all of its components, including:

    • SharePlan app
    • SharePlan mobile app
    • SharePlan web app
    • Code42 API resources for SharePlan

    SharePlan end of sale

    The end-of-sale date for SharePlan is August 22, 2015. After this date, Code42 will no longer:

    • Sell licenses to new customers or additional licenses to existing customers
    • Offer a free trial of SharePlan functionality

    Existing customers can continue to use SharePlan until the end of their license period, with the following restrictions:

    • Code42 will support SharePlan only until its end-of-support date.
    • The Code42 cloud will support SharePlan only until its end-of-support date.
    • Customers must use a version of the Code42 platform that supports SharePlan. Future versions of the Code42 platform may not support SharePlan; see each version's release notes for details.

    SharePlan end of support

    Code42 will continue to support existing SharePlan deployments until the end-of-support date for SharePlan, which is December 31, 2015. After this date, Code42 will no longer:

    • Assure that SharePlan deployments will operate as expected
    • Provide software updates or patches for SharePlan, including any potential critical security patches
    • Provide support for customers using SharePlan
    • Provide SharePlan functionality in the Code42 cloud

    Customers who continue to use SharePlan past its end-of-support date do so at their own risk.

    Additional information

    For additional information about SharePlan's end of sale and end of support, contact our Customer Champions.

    Updates to this document

    This SharePlan End Of Sale And End Of Support document should not be interpreted as a legally binding commitment, but rather as an informational document that may change occasionally as we respond to changing market conditions and to our customers' needs.

    This document represents the current view of Code42 as of the date it was posted. Code42 may change or update this policy at any time, without notice. Code42 cannot guarantee that this document will be kept up to date, nor that any typographical errors, inaccuracies or omissions will be corrected. Please check this document periodically to keep informed of any changes.

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