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Code42 Support

Code42 product plans

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


This policy document describes the major features of Code42 for Enterprise. Code42 for Enterprise is divided into two product families: Security Center and Recovery.

Each product family has multiple subscription options, called "product plans." Each Code42 for Enterprise product plan includes a core set of features. For some product plans, more features are available for separate purchase or as "add-on" packages.

You can purchase a Security Center or Recovery product plan independently or in combination with a compatible plan from the other product family.

This document explains:

  • Which Code42 features are included (and which features are not included) in each product plan
  • Which Code42 Security Center and Code42 Recovery product plans are compatible with each other
  • Which additional features are included in each Code42 add-on

Security Center product plans

Recovery product plans

Retired product plans