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Transitioning to Code42 enterprise support plans

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


In April 2016, Code42 transitioned from offering a single support model to offering multiple subscription-based support plans. This article explains what changed between the previous support model and the subscription-based support plans, and the transition to subscription-based support plans.

What changed

If your Code42 offering included support prior to April 2016 and you have not made changes since then, you were automatically enrolled into the Code42 Gold Support plan. Code42 Gold Support was modeled after our support offerings at the time we introduced support plans, minimizing the impact to you.

The main differences between support prior to April 2016 and Code42 Gold Support are:

Support offering Before support plans Code42 Gold Support
Support hours for Severity 2–4 issues Undefined Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. local time zone
Administrators who can contact Customer Champions No threshold 4
Consultation for pre-planning and best practices N/A Yes

Choose a support plan

Our subscription-based support plans provide:

  • A simple, flexible approach to selecting a support plan
  • A clear picture of the available services
  • The flexibility to add additional services, as needed

To choose the the support plan that best fits your needs, see our Code42 enterprise support policy for full details on the available support plans.

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