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Code42 agent partner program FAQs

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


This page contains answers to frequently asked questions for users in the Code42 Agent Partner Program.

Existing partners only
At this time, Code42 is not accepting new partners for the program. This article applies only to existing partners. 


How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the number of users at a rate of $9.99/month/user. This price includes unlimited storage. Each user can have up to four devices backing up.

Is reduced pricing available?

Once your account reaches 51 users, the price automatically changes to $7.49/month/user upon your next billing cycle. The discount is based on users and not devices, so your account must reach 51 users for the discount to apply during your next billing cycle.

I'm still using CrashPlan for Small Business (previously CrashPlan PRO) for my clients. How do I get a commission?

For more information, contact Code42 for Enterprise support.


Am I using my account correctly?

We recommend creating an organization for each of your customers so you can manage them separately. As a best practice, create each customer organization under your top-level organization. Do not create child organizations of these customer organizations.

Should I configure my clients differently?

For information about how to configure settings, see our Configuration guide.

Do you have global servers to which I can back up?

Only US storage is available.

Security and compliance

Can you help me obtain security certificates for my clients?

See Code42 CrashPlan Security and Security hardening best practices for more information.

Do you support HIPAA compliance?

We do not sign BAAs with users in the Code42 Agent Partner Program.

Account management

How can I move clients to my account from a different account?

Contact Code42 for Enterprise support.

I have multiple accounts. How do I consolidate them?

Contact Code42 for Enterprise support.

How can I close my account?
  1. Deactivate your customer account and your user accounts.
  2. Contact Code42 for Enterprise support to close your account.

Other questions

Do you have other products I can resell?

For information about reseller opportunities, contact Code42 for Enterprise support.


How do I access the support portal?

Our Customer Champions are happy to assist via email, live chat, and phone with Code42 for Enterprise support. See Troubleshoot signing up for the customer portal for more information.

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