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Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, no.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 Support

Changes To The Administration Console In Version 4.1.3

Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, no.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Version 4.1 of the administration console has been updated to help you manage CrashPlan and SharePlan from a single, more streamlined interface. This article is a guide to help orient administrators to the changes introduced in version 4.1.

Changes To The Administration Console

Unified CrashPlan And SharePlan Management

To help you better understand how CrashPlan PROe and SharePlan are used in your environment, the administration console now shows the software service used by each device, organization, and user. 


Devices now includes an additional column, Service, indicating whether each archive is used for CrashPlan CrashPlan icon or SharePlan SharePlan icon.

Sharing Column

Organizations And Users

To provide greater visibility into the services used by each Organization and User, both overviews now break out the former Devices column by Share (count of SharePlan devices) and Backup (count of CrashPlan devices). 

Device Count

Device Settings Changed To Device Backup Settings

To better distinguish between backup and sync & share settings, labels for backup-specific device settings are now relabeled Device Backup.

In the administration console's navigation menu, Settings > Device is now Settings > Device Backup:

Settings > Device Backup

In Organization > Details, Device Defaults is now Device Backup Defaults:

Device Backup Defaults


The Dashboard is now reorganized to better help you anticipate licensing needs, identify usage patterns, and monitor storage consumption on all of your destinations. Additionally, the dashboard now dynamically resizes based on your browser window size to display varying numbers of graphs.

The dashboard graphs are divided into three sets:

  • Licensing is now located at the top of the Dashboard so that licenses nearing expiration are given higher visibility. Additionally, the information is broken out by service: CrashPlan License Coverage and SharePlan License Coverage.
  • Usage shows how many users are currently interacting with CrashPlan and SharePlan archives and lets you quickly identify unusually large archives.
  • Destinations shows your server's storage use over time to help you plan for adding storage capacity.

Dashboard in 4.1.3

Shared Link Expiration & Direct Downloads

Configure Sharing settings to control the maximum age or uses of your users' shared links, as well as download behavior. See Settings > Organizations for details.

Shared link settings

Actionable Information

Standardized Columns

The columns displayed for Organizations, Users, and Devices are now standardized to show useful, consistent information across all three views.

Columns in Organizations, Users, and Devices views

  • Added ServiceShare, and Backup columns to distinguish between CrashPlan and SharePlan archives
  • Relabeled columns to distinguish between backup activity and sharing activity:
    • Last Activity is now Last Backup Activity
    • Progress is now Backup Progress
  • Removed columns that didn't contribute to administrator actions from the Overview:
    • Change
    • Selected
    • Sessions

Current Statistics

Destinations now displays two new statistics to visualize the current usage of your Code42 environment:

  • Connections shows the number of devices that are currently connected to your Code42 environment
  • Open Archives shows the number of archives that are currently being accessed for backup or sync and share activity

New fields in Destinations

Backup Selection

Device Details now shows the size of the backup selection on that device, helping you identify misconfigured devices or troubleshoot issues.

Device Details > Selected field


The Licensing overview shows your purchased licenses for both CrashPlan and SharePlan. Licensing information is now divided to show licenses for each product separately.

You can also Purchase Licenses from this page when you see that some or all of your licenses are about to expire.

4.1.1 Licensing Screen

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