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Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Small Business

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 Support

CrashPlan For Business Version

CrashPlan for Business version is a minor release that includes several enhancements and fixes. includes updates to the following components: Enterprise server CrashPlan PROe Cloud CrashPlan PRO Cloud There are no updates to the CrashPlan app.


Secure Delete

CrashPlan PROe feature - Secure delete enables customers in private cloud environments to permanently remove archives that have expired from cold storage in a way that meets Department of Defense requirements for data removal. Secure delete also minimizes data remanence on enterprise server hard drives that may be discarded or recycled by a third-party vendor. Administrators can choose from several secure delete options including triple pass of zeroes, ones, and random characters (default); single pass of zeroes; single pass of ones; or single pass of random characters. Full information is available in our Secure Delete article.

Control Alert Emails And Console Display

CrashPlan PROe feature - You can now choose to enable or disable whether administrator alerts are generated and either sent via email or displayed in the administration console under Alerts. In addition, Settings > Reporting has been renamed to Settings > Notifications to better reflect the settings contained on the page.

Multi-User Support For ArchiveResource API

CrashPlan PROe feature - The ArchiveResource API call now accepts a list of user ids, rather than only a single user id, to make scripting easier.


  • Corrected a number of display issues experienced when browsing the administration console using Internet Explorer 9.
  • Administrator backup reports now report only statistics on backup to cloud destinations. This corrects an issue with report summary calculations.
  • Pushing a device setting to all organizations (overriding org inheritance) now correctly updates only the setting that was pushed.
  • Default SSL cipher updated to RC4 to protect against "BEAST" attacks.
  • Backup archives that are in cold storage are now properly deleted when the archive expires in cases where "auto-start" backup is re-enabled after the archive is moved to cold storage.
  • Database stability improvements.
  • When viewing a long list of items in the administration console, selected items now remain selected when scrolling.
  • Comments in, used for creating installers for push installs, have been updated for accuracy and clarity.
  • Months in dates are now displayed in number form, rather than in word form.
  • Improvements to the sync process.
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