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Code42 Public Cloud Version 5.4

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business
  • Code42 for Enterprise


Version 5.4 of the Code42 public cloud is a minor release that includes a number of fixes and enhancements. Updates affect the following components:

  • Code42 platform (powers the Code42 public cloud)
  • Administration console
  • Code42 app for Windows, Mac, and Linux (version 4.8)


Compliance Settings

The administration console features a new Compliance Settings button to automatically enforce settings that restrict access to data in accordance with requirements such as HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and FISMA.

Fixes And Enhancements

Code42 platform

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements. 
  • Improves server-to-server sync processes.
  • Corrects a rare issue for Code42 environments with an on-premises authority server that also started using Code42 cloud storage prior to version 3.4: archives in cold storage in the Code42 cloud destination are now properly purged.
  • Corrects an issue which prevented LDAP users with a space at the end of the password from being able to sign in to the administration console and Code42 app.

Administration console

  • Security updates.
  • Frequency and Version retention settings now use only one set of push and lock buttons for all settings, instead of individual push and lock buttons for each setting. This helps prevent a rare issue which could cause new device registrations to fail if an administrator configured a very specific set of values in a particular order.
  • Device file paths in the Web restore view now update every 5 minutes. Previously, new folders created on a device could take up to 24 hours to appear.
  • Users with special characters in their usernames can now sign in to the administration console without issue.
  • On the Device details screen, the Reporting tab now more clearly indicates whether warning and critical alerts are enabled for the device.
  • Standard users who sign in to the administration console no longer see an empty Dashboard; instead, they are redirected to the My Profile page.
  • Corrects an issue in which administrator changes to a backup set were not saved properly if backup set creation was locked.
  • Improves error messaging if an administrator attempts to save an invalid or empty email address for a user.
  • Increases the maximum Backup disk quota value accepted in the Settings > Organization > Quotas screen from 6 digits (old maximum of 999,999 GB) to a new limit of 18 digits.
  • If an administrator deactivates a device and then changes the purge date for cold storage, reactivating the device now correctly automatically re-attaches the archive to the device.
  • SYSADMINS are now allowed to create child organizations with the same name under different parent organizations. For example, parent organizations named "East" and "West" can each have a child organization named "Sales." Previously, only the Org Admins of each parent organization were allowed to create organizations with duplicate names.
  • Corrects an issue which prevented Org Admins from being able to pause and resume a backup for a specific device from the administration console.
  • Corrects an issue in which changes to device settings for critical and warning alerts were not immediately displayed in the Device details view. This was a display issue only; the device did receive the changed setting, but the administration console did not properly display the updated value.
  • Zip file and server filesystem restores are now correctly included in the restore history count.
  • Device (push) restores performed in Code42 environments with an on-premises authority server that also use Code42 cloud storage are now correctly included in the restore history count.
  • Improves confirmation message when changing a user's archive encryption level.
  • Corrects an issue in which the hover text for the web restore button could incorrectly indicate web restores are unavailable for a destination, even though web restores are available.
  • Users (including administrators) are no longer able to perform a web restore while archive maintenance is running.
  • Org Admins can now access the administration console command-line interface (CLI).
  • Corrects an issue in which a tooltip on the Users screen was cut off under certain circumstances.
  • Network overrides now correctly accept IPv6 values.

Legal Hold web app

  • Performance improvements for very large legal holds.

Code42 app

Code42 apps in Code42 cloud environments are automatically upgraded to the newest version over several days, beginning on the release date listed below.

Windows, Mac, And Linux

Version 4.8.3 - Released June 13, 2017

  • Corrects a security vulnerability on Windows devices that could allow escalation of privilege.

Version 4.8.2 - Released April 26, 2017

  • On Windows devices, corrects an issue in which some file metadata (such as Created Date) was not backed up in certain circumstances if a file was locked by another program at the time of file backup. Backups of the actual file contents were not impacted by this issue.

Version 4.8.0 - Released September 28, 2016

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Users must now accept the EULA upon account creation instead of during Code42 app installation. (CrashPlan for Small Business only)
  • UPnP connections now work properly for computer-to-computer backups.
  • Corrects a rare issue on Linux devices which could cause the history log to be removed while upgrading the Code42 app.
  • Corrects an issue in which changing the listening port for inbound (computer-to-computer) backups required restarting the Code42 app to resume backups.
  • Changes to network overrides no longer require restarting the Code42 service on the device to take effect.
  • Corrects an issue which could require users with enhanced archive security to re-enter their archive key password or custom key to resume backup activity if the device unexpectedly shut down.
  • Corrects an issue in which Windows devices could report using the wrong operating system after a Windows upgrade. For example, a device that upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 could still display Windows 8 in the Code42 app and the administration console.
  • The OS X admin exclude .Mobile.*Backups/. changed to .MobileBackups/. This change now restricts the exclusion to an exact match on "MobileBackups." Previously, anything containing the words "mobile" and "backups" (for example, "My iPhone Mobile Backups") would have been excluded.
  • Changing the language in the Code42 app no longer deletes the history log. Now, the history log remains intact and contains a combination of both languages.
  • When the Code42 app language is set to Automatic, the Code42 app now correctly uses the system language in use for the device's operating system. Previously, the Code42 app defaulted to use English when set to Automatic.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which entering specific commands in the Code42 app command-line interface (CLI) caused the Code42 app to be inaccessible for users with special characters in their usernames.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which upgrading an organization's archive security to Archive key password when an individual user in that organization previously upgraded to Custom key security caused the Code42 app on that user's devices to become inaccessible. (CrashPlan for Small Business and Code42 for Enterprise only)
  • When resetting a password, the error message for entering an invalid answer to the security question now correctly displays "Incorrect answer" instead of "Invalid password."
  • Removes support for Windows XP, Windows Vista, OS X v10.7.5, and OS X v10.8. Devices on these operating systems will not upgrade to Code42 app version 4.8.

Known Issues

  • The Legal Hold web app columns do not support sorting in version 5.4.
  • In Code42 environments with a version 5.3 on-premises authority server that also use Code42 cloud storage, the Restore History page may not accurately reflect the user who initiated a device restore (push restore) if restoring from the Code42 cloud destination. Web restores and restores from the Code42 app are not affected.
  • In Code42 environments with a version on-premises authority server that also use Code42 cloud storage, the number of Restores listed in the Device details may not include all restores initiated from the Code42 cloud destination.
  • Computer-to-computer backups may stop if one computer upgrades to Code42 app version 4.8 and the other computer remains on version 4.7 or earlier. This could occur if one computer is using an unsupported operating system, such as Windows XP (which cannot be upgraded to Code42 app version 4.8).


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