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Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Small Business

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 Support

Code42 Public Cloud Version 5.2

Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Small Business

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.


Version 5.2 of the Code42 public cloud is a minor release that includes a number of fixes and enhancements. Updates affect the following components:

  • Code42 platform (powers the Code42 public cloud)
  • Administration console
  • CrashPlan app for Windows, OS X, and Linux (version 4.6)
Code42 environments connecting to the Code42 cloud must upgrade to before 3/1/2016
Due to a security update to the Code42 cloud, you must upgrade your Code42 environment to version or later before March 1, 2016 if your on-premises authority server connects to the Code42 cloud. Beginning March 1, 2016, the Code42 cloud will not accept connections from versions 4.3.2 and earlier. This means backups and restores to the Code42 cloud will stop working.

For more information on this required upgrade, review the Code42 Public Cloud Version Policy.


CrashPlan for Small Business AES 256-Bit Encryption

CrashPlan for Small Business now uses 256-bit AES encryption. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is an open source algorithm adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) as the standard for electronic data encryption, and is used by businesses worldwide.

Fixes And Enhancements

Code42 Platform

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to server-to-server sync processes.
  • Improves authorization token security.
  • The link in user invitation emails can now only be accessed one time; if a user clicks the link but doesn't finish registration, the administrator will need to resend another invitation to the user.
  • Improvements to the accuracy and consistency of device backup completion percentage, which is now visible in the Device Status Report.
  • The Device Status Report introduces new options for filtering and displaying results, and is more easily accessible from within the administration console.

Administration Console

  • Security updates.
  • Improves security of password reset process.
  • Improvements to administration console translations.
  • Improves cross-site scripting protection.
  • Removes support for the Safari 6 browser.
  • The Settings > Device Backup > General page now requires the away and present CPU values to be set to at least 10%. 
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.1 in which the drop-down menu for backup sets could have a black (instead of white) background in Firefox, making it difficult to read.
  • Improves formatting when using the action menu to print a list from the administration console.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.1 for CrashPlan for Small Business administrators in which the Scheduled option incorrectly appeared on the Settings > Device Backup > Network screen, but had no effect if selected. Scheduled bandwidth settings are only available for Code42 CrashPlan.
  • Corrects a display issue introduced in version 5.1.2 in which the administration console could incorrectly display a sending limit of 0.00 Mbps for device backups. This did not impact actual backups; devices still backed up at the defined rate, but the Devices > Network summary displayed the rate as 0.00 Mbps.
  • Bandwidth sending rates in Settings > Device Backup > Network now properly display decimal values when entered without a leading zero.
  • On Windows devices, the :applications substitution variable now applies to both C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Sign out is now consistently used as the menu text for all Code42 web apps.
  • Improves text wrapping and page layout when displaying non-Western alphabet characters and words.
  • Context-sensitive help is now available by clicking the question mark in the the header of any Code42 web app, instead of from My Profile > Support.
  • Substitution variables can now be used in the file path for including or excluding a specific file. Previously, substitution variables could only be used to include or exclude a directory.
  • Corrects an issue in which a new user's detail page did not load in the administration console under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects a rare issue that exists only in version 4.1.6 in which moving a user to a different organization offering a different destination with Auto-start backup enabled could cause inconsistent information in the administration console about the backup archive.
  • Org admins now have the option to Show Deactivated organizations.
  • Device backup alerts (for devices that have not backed up recently) no longer offer the option to Show in Console from Settings > Notifications
  • Corrects an issue in which exporting the devices list to a .csv file could incorrectly indicate TRUE in the using column even if the the device did not have an existing archive.
  • The user count on the Organizations page no longer includes invited users. Only users who have completed registration (and are active) count toward the total.
  • Corrects an issue in which exporting the Device Backup Report to a .csv file could incorrectly list a completed date in the lastCompletedBackup field for devices that had no files selected for backup. Note that this fix ensures it will not happen in the future, but does not correct any existing devices that may already include an incorrect date.
  • The administration console language selector now more clearly distinguishes English (United States) from other English locales.
  • Clicking OK now correctly dismisses the message that appears when a user invitation fails to send. 

CrashPlan App

All CrashPlan apps that connect to the Code42 public cloud will be upgraded over several days, beginning on March 7, 2016.

Windows, OS X, And Linux

Version 4.6.0

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • CrashPlan apps installed per user on OS X devices now place upgrade logs in the correct per user location (~/Library/Logs/CrashPlan).
  • Corrects a rare issue in which the name listed in the Restore tab for a cloud destination could appear as “CrashPlan Central” instead of the nickname chosen by the administrator.
  • Increases the maximum number of wireless network exclusions from 100 to 500.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 4.4 in which entering the wrong password too many times did not always require the user to wait 10 minutes before trying again.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which adding a local destination and selecting a custom location for the backup incorrectly placed the backup archive in the default ~/backup/Archives folder.
  • Corrects an issue in which adding a file to the backup file selection and then immediately deselecting the file's parent folder could result in the file no longer being selected for backup.
  • The Linux CrashPlan app installer now automatically downloads and installs the correct Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if it does not already exist on the device.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 4.4 on OS X 10.11 devices in which the CrashPlan app would not open from the link in the menu bar app under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 4.5 in which deselecting a folder for restore or backup did not always also deselect all the contents in the folder.
  • Corrects an issue in which changes to the backup file selection were not immediately detected if a file was removed and then re-added in a different case (for example, changing "My Document" to "my document").
  • The CrashPlan app CLI now properly accepts values that contain spaces.
  • Uninstalling the Windows CrashPlan app removes all files in C:\Program Files\CrashPlan.
  • Corrects a rare issue for OS X devices with an apostrophe in the hard drive name in which uninstalling the CrashPlan app could fail.
  • On Windows devices, the CrashPlan app now upgrades correctly if installed on a drive other than C:\.
  • Introduces the CLI command, which returns the local IP address and ports used by the CrashPlan app.


Version 5.2

  • Security updates.
  • Improved support for iOS 9.


Version 5.2.1

  • Performance improvements.
  • Improves support for IPv6 devices.
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