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Code42 Public Cloud Version 4.2.0

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business
  • Code42 for Enterprise


Version 4.2.0 of the Code42 public cloud is a minor release that includes a number of fixes and enhancements. Updates affect the following components:

  • Code42 platform (powers the Code42 public cloud)
  • Administration console
  • Code42 API
  • CrashPlan apps for Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS

Fixes And Enhancements

Code42 platform

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Corrected an issue in version 4.1.7 of the Code42 public cloud that prevented administrators in hybrid environments from being able to restore a user's archive to another user's device.
  • CrashPlan for Small Business administrators can now change users' backup file selections from the administration console.
  • Corrected date formatting for Dutch language in the administration console.
  • Improvements to server-to-server sync processes.
  • Backup alert settings for child organizations now correctly inherit values from their parent organization, not the default organization.

Administration Console

  • Selecting Print from an action menu in the administration console no longer prints extraneous information or fails to print at all.
  • Corrected 4.1.7 issue where devices with backup 100% complete incorrectly displayed a red instead of green progress bar.

CrashPlan App

  • Security updates.
  • OS X: Changing the username or email address on the Settings > Account screen no longer requires also changing the first or last name in order to save.
  • Better handling of individual files selected for backup with large amounts of metadata (over 1 MB per file).
  • Fixed an issue with version 3.7.0 of the CrashPlan app that prevented adding multiple filename exclusions at one time.
  • OS X: Pre-populated properties now correctly appear when using a custom installer to deploy the CrashPlan app as user rather than root.
  • Improved labels for CrashPlan archive encryption key security options on Settings > Security screen.

Code42 API

See Changes To The Code42 API In Version 4.2 for complete details about changed and deprecated resources and parameters. Make sure to review your scripts, integrations, applications, and reports that utilize the Code42 API and make any necessary updates.

The API Documentation Viewer also lists up-to-date details about all API resources and parameters.

Fixes And Enhancements

The following improvements have been made to the Code42 API:

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • The User resource supports userUid and userId as query parameters for backwards compatibility and to support the export of a single user's info in CSV format.
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