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Who is this article for?
Find your product plan in the Code42 console on the Account menu.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, and Gov F2
Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1
Other product plans

Incydr Professional and Enterprise, no.

Incydr Basic and Advanced, no.

CrashPlan Cloud, no.

Other product plans, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 Support

Code42 Platform Version 5.2

Who is this article for?
Find your product plan in the Code42 console on the Account menu.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, and Gov F2
Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1
Other product plans

Incydr Professional and Enterprise, no.

Incydr Basic and Advanced, no.

CrashPlan Cloud, no.

Other product plans, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.


Version 5.2 of the Code42 platform contains a number of new features, as well as fixes and enhancements. Highlights include:

  • CrashPlan app version 5.2 support for enhanced archive encryption
  • Network-based sending limits to allow device backup rates to be configured based on the network location of each device
  • Improved support for co-branding images in the administration console and for customizing email templates
  • Enhancements to the Code42 web apps, including a redesigned Security web app, easier access to the Reporting web app, and improved File Search web app performance
  • Automatic secure keystore introduces the ability to encrypt components of your Code42 server database, including the encryption keys for backup archives
  • Security updates throughout the Code42 platform

Updated Components

The following components received updates in version 5.2:

  • Code42 server for private cloud environments
  • CrashPlan apps for Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Code42 API
  • Code42 web apps

To upgrade your Code42 environment, see our upgrade instructions.

Security Updates

  • Improves messaging security.
  • Improves authorization token security.
  • Improves cross-site scripting protection.
  • Increases security of information stored in logs.


CrashPlan App Version 5.2 Support For Enhanced Archive Encryption Options

The CrashPlan app version 5.2 now supports the same archive password and custom key enhanced security options as those offered in the 4.x CrashPlan app.

CrashPlan App Enhanced Security Options

Network-Based Device Backup Rates

Administrators can now use the Code42 API to configure data transfer rates for device backups based on a combination of the connection location of a device (subnet) and each backup destination. Configuring network-based backup rates has many advantages, including:

  • The ability to finely control device sending limits use for any combination of device location and backup destination.
  • The ability to prevent traveling users from saturating Internet connections with CrashPlan backup activity when visiting locations with lower available bandwidth.
  • The ability to configure sending limits not tied to organizational hierarchy.

For more information about configuring network-based bandwidth management in your Code42 environment, contact sales about engaging our PRO Services team.

Improved Support For Co-Branding

The CrashPlan app version 5.2 now supports the same co-branding customizations as those available in the 4-series CrashPlan app. In addition, co-branding customizations made to the administration console and to email templates now persist through Code42 server upgrades.

Enhancements To Code42 Web Apps

Automatic Secure Keystore

Automatic secure keystore introduces the ability to encrypt components of your Code42 server database, including the encryption keys for backup archives.

Enabling automatic secure keystore mitigates a security risk: if someone gains unauthorized access to your Code42 server database, that information cannot be decrypted without a specific password file.

Fixes And Enhancements

Code42 Platform

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improves server-to-server sync processes.
  • The link in user invitation emails can now only be accessed one time; if a user clicks the link but doesn't finish registration, the administrator will need to send another invitation to the user.
  • Storage servers now automatically restart after receiving a node sync update that contains a primary network address change on the master server.
  • Endpoint monitoring is now supported in environments that use Code42 cloud storage (also known as "provider storage").
  • Improves Code42 server logging.
  • Archive maintenance now occurs correctly for archives created on a newly added store point without requiring a storage server restart.
  • Corrects an issue in which OS X server scripts did not run when no default JVM existed in /usr/bin/java.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.1 in which installing the Linux server with user permissions generated a meaningless "chmod cannot access" error in the logs.
  • Corrects an issue in which LDAP sync would fail if a user's LDAP password contained a double quote (").
  • Improves LDAP sync performance for very large environments.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which connection requests could fail when using a proxy server.
  • Removes any remaining SharePlan app upgrade files from the Code42 server for customers who upgraded directly from version to 5.1.2.
  • Users who try to directly access the URL of a web app for which they have insufficient permissions (for example, a non-admin user visiting, are now redirected to the main login page, instead of the login page for the app they can't access.
  • All Code42 environments now use 256-bit AES encryption. Previously, customers upgrading from earlier versions of the Code42 platform had the option to use 448-bit Blowfish encryption.
  • Removes OS X 10.9 as a supported operating system for the Code42 server.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.1.2 in which using the script to create custom CrashPlan apps did not create the Windows installers.

Administration Console

  • Security updates.
  • Improves security of password reset process.
  • Improves administration console translations.
  • Improves cross-site scripting protection.
  • The Settings > Device Backup > General page now requires the away and present CPU values to be set to at least 10%. 
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.1 in which the drop-down menu for backup sets could have a black (instead of white) background in Firefox, making it difficult to read.
  • Improves formatting when using the action menu to print a list from the administration console.
  • Corrects a display issue introduced in version 5.1.2 in which the administration console could incorrectly display a sending limit of 0.00 Mbps for device backups. This did not impact actual backups; devices still backed up at the defined rate, but the Devices > Network summary displayed the rate as 0.00 Mbps.
  • Bandwidth sending rates in Settings > Device Backup > Network now properly display decimal values when entered without a leading zero.
  • On Windows devices, the :applications substitution variable now applies to both C:\Program Files and C:\Program Files (x86).
  • Sign out is now consistently used as the menu text for all Code42 web apps.
  • Improves text wrapping and page layout when displaying non-Western alphabet characters and words.
  • Context-sensitive help is now available by clicking the question mark in the header of any Code42 web app, instead of from My Profile > Support.
  • Substitution variables can now be used in the file path for including or excluding a specific file. Previously, substitution variables could only be used to include or exclude a directory.
  • Corrects an issue in which a new user's detail page did not load in the administration console under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects a rare issue that exists only in version 4.1.6 in which moving a user to a different organization offering a different destination with Auto-start backup enabled could cause inconsistent information in the administration console about the backup archive.
  • Device backup alerts (for devices that have not backed up recently) no longer offer the option to Show in Console from Settings > Notifications
  • Corrects an issue in which exporting the devices list to a .csv file could incorrectly indicate TRUE in the using column even if the device did not have an existing archive.
  • The user count on the Organizations page no longer includes invited users. Only users who have completed registration (and are active) count toward the total.
  • Corrects an issue in which exporting the Device Backup Report to a .csv file could incorrectly list a completed date in the lastCompletedBackup field for devices that had no files selected for backup. Note that this fix ensures it will not happen in the future, but does not correct any existing devices that may already include an incorrect date.
  • The administration console language selector now more clearly distinguishes English (United States) from other English locales.
  • Clicking OK now correctly dismisses the message that appears when a user invitation fails to send. 
  • Using the administration console to perform a push restore to an OS X device now correctly applies the original file owner's permissions to the folder containing the restored files. In some previous cases, the folder received root-level permissions but the files inside the folder received the original permissions.
  • Improves error handling of the node.restart CLI command when an invalid server GUID is supplied as an argument.
  • Indexing exclusions listed at Settings > Organization > Indexing now more clearly state that only the contents of files with these extensions are not indexed. The metadata of these files is still indexed. 
  • The Users and Device Overview pages now include a link to the Reporting web app.
  • Improves user feedback when performing processes that take a long time, such as searching large log files.
  • The Backup Progress column was removed from the Devices Overview screen and is now available in the Reporting web app instead.
  • The User Detail screen now lists separate entries for each combination of the user’s device and backup destination.
  • Improves visibility of status icons in the Destination Overview when Night Mode is enabled.
  • Corrects a display issue in which the indexing progress bar in the Organization and User Overview screens did not always display the percent complete below the progress bar.  
  • Corrects an issue which prevented administrators from being able to view archives in cold storage for an organization if it contained a colon in its name (including in the "deactivated" time stamp, if applicable).
  • Adds the Windows 8 and 10 swapfile.sys to the global backup exclusions.
  • Corrects an issue in which the administration console allowed administrators to select Migrate Archive from Destinations > Store Points without actually selecting a store point. This caused a success message to appear even though no archive was migrated.
  • For users with search permissions, the User and Device action menus contain a new Search For Files option, which opens the File Search web app.
  • Improves error message when an unauthorized administrator attempts to perform a web restore from a provider destination.
  • The sign-in screen's Forgot Password and Sign In links are now hidden by default.
  • Removes Internet Explorer 10 and Safari 6 as supported browsers for the administration console.
  • Reduces the number of false positive “provider destination is offline” alerts displayed in Alerts.
  • References to “YARA” are now called "pattern matching."

Code42 Web Apps

File Search Web App

  • Improves File Search web app performance.
  • Numerous user interface fixes, improvements, and updates, including a new action menu with the ability to add and remove columns.
  • New option to find all copies of a specific file.
  • Better error messaging if a user attempts to open the File Search web app when Indexing is disabled in the administration console.
  • Applying filters to an existing search now performs a new search, instead of only filtering the current results.
  • Searching between two dates now correctly includes results that include the end date.

Reporting Web App (Device Status Report)

  • Introduces new options for filtering and displaying results, and is more easily accessible from within the administration console.
  • Improves the accuracy and consistency of the device backup completion percentage.
  • Adds the ability to filter users by active/inactive status.
  • Includes a new column to note devices with active alerts.
  • Includes a Last Activity column.

Security Web App

  • Improved visualization and analytics.
  • Improves performance in multiple destination environments if one destination is unavailable.
  • Corrects an issue with version 5.1 of the 32-bit Windows CrashPlan app in which browser upload events did not appear correctly.
  • Introduces a new graph for pattern matching. 
  • Removes the graph for deleted files.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which non-admin users were unable to perform user searches.
  • When viewing search results, clicking Search again now correctly re-runs the search without requiring a page refresh.

Legal Hold Web App

  • It is no longer possible to deactivate a user under legal hold or to add already deactivated users to existing legal holds.
  • Blocked users can now be added to a legal hold.
  • File selection paths now display with > as path separators.
  • Corrects an issue in which switching destinations from the Get Files screen could fail to properly display the list of files available to restore.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which non-admin users were unable to perform user searches.

CrashPlan App

Code42 server version 5.2 is bundled with both version 4.6 and 5.2 of the CrashPlan app.

Code42 app version 5.x requires on-premises authority server
In order to upgrade to version 5.x of the Code42 app, you must have an on-premises authority server. If you use the Code42 cloud with hosted keys or CrashPlan for Small Business, then your Code42 apps will upgrade to the most recent version of 4.x instead.

Windows, OS X, And Linux

Version 4.6.0

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • CrashPlan apps installed per user on OS X devices now place upgrade logs in the correct per user location (~/Library/Logs/CrashPlan).
  • Corrects a rare issue in which the name listed in the Restore tab for a cloud destination could appear as “CrashPlan Central” instead of the nickname chosen by the administrator.
  • Increases the maximum number of wireless network exclusions from 100 to 500.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 4.4 in which entering the wrong password too many times did not always require the user to wait 10 minutes before trying again.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which adding a local destination and selecting a custom location for the backup incorrectly placed the backup archive in the default ~/backup/Archives folder.
  • Corrects an issue in which adding a file to the backup file selection and then immediately deselecting the file's parent folder could result in the file no longer being selected for backup.
  • The Linux CrashPlan app installer now automatically downloads and installs the correct Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if it does not already exist on the device.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 4.4 on OS X 10.11 devices in which the CrashPlan app would not open from the link in the menu bar app under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 4.5 in which deselecting a folder for restore or backup did not always also deselect all the contents in the folder.
  • The CrashPlan app CLI now properly accepts values that contain spaces.
  • Uninstalling the Windows CrashPlan app removes all files in C:\Program Files\CrashPlan.
  • Corrects a rare issue for OS X devices with an apostrophe in the hard drive's name in which uninstalling the CrashPlan app could fail.
  • On Windows devices, the CrashPlan app now upgrades correctly if installed on a drive other than C:\.
  • Introduces the CLI command, which returns the local IP address and ports used by the CrashPlan app.
  • The LAN and WAN bandwidth drop-down menus are now properly localized for non-English locales.
  • In per-user installations, reduces unnecessary log entries when restoring with current permissions.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which users in environments with more than one SSO provider could be prompted to select the SSO provider every time the CrashPlan app opens.
  • CrashPlan apps deployed with a customized installer now properly reconnect after an administrator changes the Code42 server primary and secondary network addresses.
  • Corrects an issue in which the OS X CrashPlan app uninstaller did not completely remove CrashPlan if the CrashPlan app was installed per user, uninstalled, reinstalled for everyone, and then uninstalled again.
  • Corrects an issue in which deactivating and then reactivating a user could cause the Start backup button to not appear correctly in the CrashPlan app under specific circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue for some SSO environments in which the message "Identity Provider is not currently available. Try again later.” could incorrectly appear in the CrashPlan app immediately after a user signs in. Instead, users now see the message, "Please wait while the Identity Provider is being contacted. If there is no update in 60 seconds, hit Retry."
  • Corrects a rare issue in which computer-to-computer backups between devices owned by the same user could stop working if one device is offline and an administrator pushes a configuration change in very specific circumstances to the offline device.

5.2.0 (also includes all fixes listed above for version 4.6.0)​

  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.0 in which uninstalling the CrashPlan app when installed per user on an OS X device left the CrashPlan app icon in the ~/Applications folder.
  • Better handling of files and folders with very long names.
  • The About Code42 CrashPlan screen now works correctly when the CrashPlan app is not connected to the CrashPlan service.
  • Users are no longer able to accidentally attach an archive from a different device when attempting to create a local backup destination.
  • During a backup scan, the destination no longer displays the backup completion percentage, which could incorrectly appear as 0%. Instead, an hour glass icon appears.
  • The Retry button now works correctly when the CLI is open and the CrashPlan service is not running.
  • Improves text wrapping for non-English locales.
  • On OS X devices, right-clicking the Code42 CrashPlan app icon and selecting Quit no longer also closes the menu bar app.
  • On Windows devices, right-clicking the Code42 CrashPlan notification area icon and selecting Exit now closes only the system tray app, not the CrashPlan app.
  • The CrashPlan app uninstaller now displays new Code42 CrashPlan branding if upgraded from a 4.x CrashPlan app.
  • The Last Activity column no longer appears when choosing a device in the replace device wizard.
  • OS X devices with more than one monitor now display the CrashPlan menu bar app in the correct location.
  • Uninstalling the CrashPlan app version 5.1 installed per user on a Windows device no longer leaves behind two empty directories in the AppData folder.
  • Corrects an issue in which an unnecessary empty CrashPlan directory was created when installing per user on a Windows device.
  • Improves user interface feedback when removing a destination.
  • Corrects an issue in which the menu bar app did not automatically relaunch after upgrading an OS X device to CrashPlan app version 5.x.
  • Corrects an issue on Windows devices in which the CrashPlan service did not start if the user selected the default installation method (for everyone) but then navigated back in the installation wizard and changed to a per user installation.


Version 5.2

  • Security updates.
  • Improved support for iOS 9.


Version 5.2.1

  • Performance improvements.
  • Corrects an issue in which Android devices were unable to restore files backed up from Windows devices under certain circumstances.
  • Improves support for IPv6 devices.

Code42 API

  • Introduces the CustomAsset resource for managing customized email templates and co-branding administration console images.
  • The storage resource now returns both the planUid and storageGuid output values as type string. Previously, these returned type number.
  • The JSON output of the DeviceBackupReportResource now correctly formats date fields as an ISO date/time string.
  • Corrects an issue in which changing a user’s storage quota with the quotainBytes parameter of the User resource did not take effect immediately. (Changing a user’s storage quota via the administration console worked correctly; this fix only impacts changes made directly through the Code42 API).
API Documentation Viewer
  • The ServerSettings resource more accurately describes acceptable serverId parameter values.
  • The NetworkTest resource is now fully documented.
  • The WebRestoreJobResource resource now correctly lists size as a required parameter.

Maintenance Updates

Maintenance Update 5.2.1

Recommended Upgrade
We recommend upgrading all Code42 servers running version and earlier to version 5.2.1 for critical security updates and bug fixes.
  • Contains updated Code42 app versions 4.6.1 and 5.2.1 to correct a rare known issue. In versions 4.6.0 and 5.2.0, manually adding a file path with incorrect capitalization to the backup file selection could result in files being removed from the user’s backup file selection.

Version Compatibility

Code42 server version 5.2.1 is compatible with the following components.

Component Compatible Versions
Code42 app

Windows, Mac, and Linux:

  • 5.2.1*
  • 5.2.0
  • 5.1.2
  • 4.6.1*
  • 4.6.0
  • 4.5.2

* Indicates this version is bundled with Code42 server version 5.2.1.

All storage servers in your Code42 environment must use the same Code42 server software version as your authority server. 

Maintenance Update

  • Corrects a security vulnerability that could allow unauthorized remote code execution.
  • Corrects an issue for very large Code42 environments in which selecting Show Alerts from the Devices action menu could cause the Code42 server to become unresponsive.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.2.0 which prevented administrators from changing the Critical number of Available licenses value from Settings > Server > Alerts.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.2.0 in which the Retrieve Logs option in the action menu on the Device Detail screen did not successfully gather the device's logs.

Known Issues

  • The Code42 server may not start properly on a Windows server if the system locale is set to China (PRC). To correct this issue, change the system locale to English.
  • Upgrading a user device to OS X 10.11.3 may change the permissions of the CrashPlan app log folder to system-only permissions. If this occurs, use the following Terminal command to change the permissions of the log folder back to user permissions:  sudo chmod 755 /Library/Logs/CrashPlan.
  • Under some circumstances, upgrading to CrashPlan app version 5.2 does not automatically relaunch the menu bar app.
  • Under certain circumstances, upgrading to Code42 app version 5.x unnecessarily opens the Replace Device wizard on the device after upgrading. 
  • While upgrading the Code42 app from the Code42 console, a message says the Code42 app will be upgraded to an earlier version. This is only a UI issue. Devices upgrade to the correct version of the Code42 app (4.x or 5.x) in use by each organization. 
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