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Code42 Platform Version 4.1.6 And 4.1.8

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


Version 4.1.6 contains a number of new features as well as fixes and other enhancements. Highlights include:

Expanded security and identity management integrations
  • Deliver higher level of security via two-factor authentication with access-challenge
  • Leverage existing and multiple SSO identity providers, including Ping Identity, Okta, Shibboleth, and Centrify
  • Federated identity management via support for InCommon and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)
Increased control and visibility of endpoint data
  • Save bandwidth and endpoint storage via administrator-controlled default sync settings for SharePlan
  • Improved view of the Destinations monitoring page in the Code42 administration console
  • Enhanced data security option to disable user-initiated restores from the CrashPlan app

Updated Components

The following components have been updated in version 4.1.6:

  • Code42 enterprise server for CrashPlan and SharePlan in private cloud environments
  • Code42 API
  • CrashPlan apps for Windows, OS X, Linux (version 3.7.0)
  • SharePlan apps for Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS (version 4.1.6)
  • SharePlan web app


Two-Factor Authentication With Access-Challenge

The Code42 platform now supports RADIUS two-factor authentication with access-challenge. This provides enhanced security for all devices connecting to your Code42 environment by requiring a user to not only know the username and password, but to also enter a single-use—and frequently time-sensitive—code sent to the user's email, phone, or other device.

Two-factor authentication in the Code42 environment is compatible with RADIUS servers, including FreeRadius, Microsoft NPS, and Gemalto IDConfirm.

Enter Two Factor Verification Code

Single Sign-On Enhancements

Federated Identity Support: InCommon & AD FS

With enhanced SAML 2.0 support, the Code42 platform can now be integrated into a federated SSO environment. This enables administrators to easily manage user authentication when signing in to CrashPlan or SharePlan. It also provides a consistent security model for all user services.

Support For Multiple Identity Providers In A Single Environment

The enterprise server now supports the ability to authenticate users through multiple identity providers in a single environment. Each organization can be configured to offer one or more identity providers, and when signing in, users select from the list of SSO providers defined by the administrator.

Improved SAML 2.0 Integration

The enterprise server is now compatible with additional SSO providers and federations, including:

  • InCommon
  • Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) 3.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2
  • PingOne
  • Okta
  • Centrify
  • Shibboleth

SharePlan Compatibility

The SharePlan apps now offer multiple identity provider single sign-on capability on all platforms.

Support For SSO And LDAP

The Code42 platform now supports SSO for authentication and LDAP for user management within the same organization.

Improved Destination Management In The Administration Console

Revisions to the Code42 administration console Destinations screen provide a more intuitive view of your environment's destinations, servers, and store points. The revised interface provides a hierarchical drill-down view of storage and an at-a-glance rollup of individual store point and server status.

Destinations Overview

Customizable Default Plan Sync Preferences

Administrators can now define whether or not Windows and OS X SharePlan devices automatically sync files when added to a plan. Users can also control this preference individually on each device. This added control over how and when files are synced allows administrators to conserve bandwidth and users to better manage storage on their devices.


New Desktop Restore Permissions

Administrators can now use custom roles to prevent users from being able to perform self-service restores from the CrashPlan app. This allows organizations that demand the strictest controls over their corporate data to prevent unauthorized restores.

Fixes & Enhancements

Code42 Platform

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Security updates.
  • SYSADMIN users' web restore permissions are no longer removed after upgrading to enterprise server version or later.
  • Improved clean-up process for expired archives on the enterprise server.
  • Administrators are now able to delete destinations that are part of a deactivated organization.
  • Email reminders about licenses nearing expiration now include the correct number of SharePlan user licenses.
  • Backups now start automatically when moving a user to a different organization that offers a different destination (if the new destination is configured to do so).
  • Improved RFC-compliance for system-generated emails.
  • User email addresses can now contain apostrophes.
  • Corrected an issue present in versions 4.1.4 and 4.1.5 that caused custom CrashPlan installers to be downloaded from Code42 instead of from a local enterprise server.
  • When moving a user from a parent organization to a child organization, newly created plans now correctly belong to the child organization.
  • Resolved issue where manually pushing an upgrade from the server to an Android device could cause the device to be stuck in an endless update loop.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause private cloud deployments with over 5,000 user devices to experience low disk space on the on-premises master server.
  • Changing LDAP role mapping now correctly applies user roles in the Code42 environment after running LDAP sync.
  • The name of the script to reset the administrator username and password changed from "reset_admin_password" to "reset_admin_credentials."

Code42 Administration Console

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Security updates.
  • Improved messaging when searches from the administration console return no results.
  • Improved administrator messaging when attempting to view archive details for a SharePlan archive residing on hosted storage that the provider administrator does not have permission to see.
  • Added context-sensitive tool tips to icons on Destination screen.
  • In Destinations, changed title of first screen in left-navigation menu to Overview.
  • Selecting “Registration Information” from the Licensing action menu now correctly displays registration information.
  • Improvements to logging.
  • Link in server trial expiration email now goes to the in-console licensing screen instead of the enterprise store.
  • Characters entered in the Backup Device Settings screen are no longer partially obscured in some web browsers.
  • Clicking the user column of a hosted organization with no destinations no longer results in a “page not found” error.
  • Search performance improvements.
  • Fixed a rare known issue that could prevent an administrator from being able to push a new or changed device setting to multiple devices.
  • In LDAP environments, you can now search for and invite users by LDAP username.
  • Browsers that don't allow 3rd party cookies no longer intermittently prompt users to sign in again during web restores.

SharePlan Apps

All Platforms

Version 4.1.6

  • Stability and performance improvements.
  • Security updates.
  • No longer able to view shared links for files in deactivated plans.


  • Improved user messaging when license is expired.
  • Improved error-handling and user messaging in rare cases where the SharePlan app for Windows failed to upgrade.
  • Improved user messaging when attempting to install an older version of SharePlan on a computer that already has a newer version installed.
  • Duplicate copies of plan folders no longer created when re-installing the SharePlan app as an existing user.
  • Fixed issue where in certain circumstances, right-clicking a plan folder and selecting Leave Plan did not remove the member from the plan.
  • Improved positioning of dialog boxes on screens with low resolutions.
  • No longer able to create multiple plans from the same folder.
  • Miscellaneous small UI improvements.
  • Improved clean-up process for temporary files.
  • Welcome screen now appears after signing in for the first time, instead of immediately after installation is complete.
  • No longer allowed to enter special characters in registration key fields.


  • Updated SharePlan Finder icons for OS X Yosemite.
  • Added support for Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1.
  • Changing a username from the administration console now updates immediately in the SharePlan app without requiring the user to sign in again.
  • Corrected an alignment issue with the action menu icon.


  • Improved performance when rotating a device between portrait and landscape mode.
  • Corrected an issue where in some circumstances, the Retry button did not properly reconnect to SharePlan when disconnected.
  • Updated plan list sort order logic to be consistent with other platforms.
  • Changing a user’s password in the administration console and then immediately de-authorizing the user's Android device now correctly allows the user to sign in again with new password.


  • Stability improvements on iOS 8 devices.
  • Improved performance when rotating an iOS 8 device between portrait and landscape mode.
  • Corrected issue where folders inside a plan displayed incorrect last modified dates.
  • Temporary files generated during a failed file upload attempt are now properly deleted from the device.
  • Corrected an issue where in rare cases, removing a plan member could cause the Edit button to disappear for remaining plan members.


  • Improved messaging when license is expired.
  • Users no longer need to sign in again after an enterprise server upgrade.
  • Improved messaging when attempting to upload a filename with unsupported characters.
  • Corrected formatting issue where the action menu for files at the bottom of the browser window could disappear.
  • Attempting to access an invalid plan URL now redirects users to the personal plan, not a blank page.
  • Browsers that don’t allow third-party cookies no longer prompt for username and password again when attempting to download a file.
  • Size column no longer displays for folders.
  • Scroll bar slider in plans list is no longer partially hidden behind New Plan icon.
  • Improved messaging when trying to access the SharePlan web app after signing out.
  • User now receives “File not found” message if trying to access a file that has been deleted by another device in the plan.
  • Uploading a file that was previously deleted no longer prompts user to replace “existing” file.

CrashPlan App

All Platforms

  • Excluded and other SharePlan application files from CrashPlan backups.


Version 3.7.0

  • The CrashPlan service is now digitally signed.


Version 3.7.0

  • OS X Yosemite users can now open the CrashPlan app from the CrashPlan menu bar.
  • Added OS X Yosemite compatibility to the CrashPlan app code signing process.
  • Removed legacy uninstaller app from within the bundle.
  • The OS X custom installer now correctly populates custom server address.
  • For users who had uninstalled and then reinstalled CrashPlan, the “Forgot password” link on the “Use existing account” sign in screen now correctly points to the password reset page.
  • Performance improvements to the upgrade process.
  • CrashPlan apps with default memory settings now correctly only restart once after upgrading to a new version.


Version 3.7.0

  • Installing the CrashPlan app on Linux now also downloads and installs Java Runtime Environment version 1.7.0_45. This means that you are no longer prompted to install Java during installation.
  • The CrashPlan app no longer closes after installation in some Linux environments.
  • The real-time file watcher now runs for kernels that do not match the form x.x.x.

Code42 API

This section documents changes, fixes, and enhancements to the Code42 API.

Updates To Existing Resources

The following changes may affect any existing scripts or integrations that leverage the Code42 API. We recommend reviewing your existing scripts or integrations prior to upgrading to version 4.1.6.

Fixes & Enhancements

The following features provide new functionality and options to users of the Code42 API.

  • The SPUser resource now supports one-step registration, validation and auth token generation.
  • Computer resource now provides information on available updates.
  • The FileInfo resource now provides file size information.
  • The ServerSettings resource now provides information on both CrashPlan and SharePlan upgrade availability.
    • A new output value is provided: sharePlanUpgradeAvailable
  • The File resource provides a new PUT method that promotes a previous version of a file to the current version.

The following resources now support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), securely enabling more flexible use of the API:

  • PlanSettings
  • Role
  • User
  • UserRole
  • PlanDataKeyToken
  • Plan
  • PlanUser
  • StorageAuthToken
  • Storage
  • AddressBookEntry


  • Security and performance enhancements

Documentation Updates

  • API documentation for the Org resource was corrected.
  • API documentation now includes required "path parameters" or path segments.
Upcoming Changes
A number of Code42 API resources will be changing in a future release. Please review the list of upcoming API changes to ensure compatibility with your current scripts, integrations, applications and reports that utilize the Code42 API.

Version Compatibility

Code42 platform version 4.1.6 is compatible with the following components.

Component Compatible Versions
Code42 Code42 server 4.1.6*
Code42 app

All operating systems:

  • 3.7*
  • 3.6.4
SharePlan app
  • Windows: 4.1.6*
  • Mac: 4.1.6*
SharePlan mobile app
  • Android: 4.1.6*
  • iOS: 4.1.6*

* Indicates this version is bundled with Code42 platform version 4.1.6

Known Issues

  • In provider storage environments, the Edited By column in the version history screen of the SharePlan web app may display an alphanumeric user ID instead of the actual user name if the user is no longer a member of the plan.
  • Java default encryption keys are limited to a length of 128 bits, which may be too short for some SSL and SSO certificates. However, the Code42 platform can be configured to use the Java Cryptography Extension, which supports longer encryption keys.
  • The enhanced enterprise licensing interface is not accessible in the administration console for OS X enterprise servers.
  • Changing a username from the administration console may temporarily disable some functionality on the user's devices.

Maintenance Update

Version contains important security and stability updates for the Code42 platform. These improvements affect all Code42 environments. 

Recommended Upgrade
We recommend upgrading all Code42 environments running version 4.1.6 or earlier to version


  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to server-to-server sync processes.
  • Improved LDAP sync logging for accounts with missing names or email addresses.
  • In Code42 environments with organizations using SSO and LDAP together or RADIUS and LDAP together, other organizations can now use LDAP for authentication.
  • Users can now register new accounts with organizations that use SSO and LDAP together if the CrashPlan app is configured to defer passwords.
  • In LDAP environments, mixed case email addresses no longer trigger unnecessary sync updates.
  • Fixed issue where, in rare circumstances, duplicate usernames could be created in an organization.
  • Fixed rare issue in large environments where information could be missing from the beginning of the app.log file.

Known Issues

  • In the administration console, devices that are 100% backed up may incorrectly display a red progress bar instead of a green progress bar. If the backup percentage is listed as 100%, and the device’s Last Backup Activity and Completed time is less than the threshold for a critical alert, then the device’s backup is complete and no action is necessary.

Version Compatibility

Code42 platform version is compatible with the following components.

Component Compatible Versions
Code42 Code42 server*
Code42 app

All operating systems:

  • 3.7*
  • 3.6.4
SharePlan app
  • Windows: 4.1.6*
  • Mac: 4.1.6*
SharePlan mobile app
  • Android: 4.1.6*
  • iOS: 4.1.6*

* Indicates this version is bundled with Code42 platform version

Maintenance Update 4.1.8

Upgrade Considerations
Version 4.1.8 is intended for customers upgrading from version 3.6.5. If your Code42 environment is already running version 4.1.x, we recommend upgrading to and then to 4.2.3.
  • Critical security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to the upgrade process in the OS X CrashPlan app when applying upgrades that span multiple versions.

Maintenance Update

Recommended Upgrade
We recommend upgrading all Code42 environments running version 4.1.8 or earlier to version for critical security updates.
  • Version corrects a security vulnerability that could allow user privilege elevation.

Version Compatibility

Code42 platform version is compatible with the following components.

Component Compatible Versions
Code42 Code42 server*
Code42 app

All operating systems:

  • 3.7.1*
  • 3.7
  • 3.6.4
SharePlan app
  • Windows: 4.1.6*
  • Mac: 4.1.6*
SharePlan mobile app
  • Android: 4.1.6*
  • iOS: 4.1.6*

* Indicates this version is bundled with Code42 platform version

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