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Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, no.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 Support

Code42 Platform Version 4.1.4

Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, no.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.


Version 4.1.4 contains numerous features and fixes focusing on the following benefits: 

​Updated Components

The following components have been updated in version 4.1.4:

  • Code42 enterprise server for CrashPlan and SharePlan in private cloud environments
  • Code42 API
  • Code42 public cloud for CrashPlan for Small Business and CrashPlan PROe
  • SharePlan apps for desktop and mobile
  • SharePlan web app

The CrashPlan app remains on version 3.6.3.

Feature Details

One Administrator Can Do It All

The Code42 platform makes it possible for one administrator to manage both CrashPlan and SharePlan for thousands of users from a single, unified administration console.

Add SharePlan's Sync & Share Capabilities To Your Code42 Environment

Administrators can now deploy SharePlan's enterprise file sync/share right alongside existing deployments of CrashPlan's endpoint data protection. The Code42 platform supports endpoint backup and file sync/share initiatives together. Manage CrashPlan and SharePlan services across devices, operating systems, and destinations through a single, centralized administration console. SharePlan gives your organization the ability to securely share enterprise data, keeping that shared data private.

SharePlan is available for customers with an on-premises master server.

Support Your Organization's HIPAA Compliance

Both CrashPlan and SharePlan can be configured to support your organization's compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). For detailed information on using CrashPlan or SharePlan in a HIPAA environment, please review CrashPlan & HIPAA Compliance

Improved License Management

IT administrators can now purchase, monitor, and manage CrashPlan and SharePlan licenses directly from the administration console. Version 4.1.4 contains the following enhancements:

  • The administration console's Licensing screen has been redesigned to improve clarity and simplify the experience.
  • Any user licenses that you purchase are now applied to your Code42 environment automatically.
  • You can now purchase licenses directly from the administration console.
  • Single user licenses are now available for purchase so you can easily add user licenses as your organization grows.
  • You can now specify a license start date and term to sync your license end dates with your budget cycle.

For full information, see Purchasing & Applying Enterprise Licenses and Enterprise Licensing.


Let Users Work The Way They Want

Ensure user adoption and increase productivity with SharePlan's easy-to-use, intuitive user experience. SharePlan is device enthusiastic, providing full featured, responsive applications for the mobile workforce.

Streamlined User Experience

Version 4.1.4 includes the following improvements to the SharePlan user experience:

  • The most frequently used actions are at your fingertips from the Finder/Menu bar (OS X) or Windows Explorer/Notification Area. Additional actions and options, such as viewing the plan event Timeline or managing plan membership, are available from the newly updated SharePlan web app.
  • Sync preferences have been simplified - you choose whether or not each plan's files are synced to your device.
  • When sync is set to off, you can browse and download plan files to your mobile device, as needed.
  • The SharePlan mobile apps feature numerous performance enhancements, providing a faster, more responsive, and easier-to-use experience.
  • The SharePlan web app now provides a better overall experience when viewed from a mobile device's web browser.
  • Language within the apps has been updated for a more consistent experience across platforms.
  • On the SharePlan mobile apps, files in the download area and file browser can now be shared through other applications.

Sync Preferences

View & Download Previous File Versions

Users can now recover a previous version of a file right from the SharePlan web app. SharePlan's version history encompasses the previous 30 days, enabling plan members to quickly and easily recover files and versions in case someone performs an undesired file deletion, move, or edit — all without contacting IT. See SharePlan File Version History for full details.

version history

Faster Access To Files

Files shared via SharePlan's secure link sharing can now be streamed within your web browser, without waiting for the entire file to download. This means faster access to PDFs, images, videos, audio, and other file formats that your web browser supports. The files are streamed securely, with data remaining encrypted both on the destination and in-transit.

SharePlan Mobile Apps In Google Play And Apple App Stores

For easy distribution to your users, the SharePlan mobile app for Android is now available from the Google Play Store, and the iOS app will be available soon from the Apple App Store. For more information on deploying the SharePlan mobile apps in your environment, see Managing App Installations In Your Code42 Environment.


Securely Share Enterprise Data With SharePlan

Additional Controls For Link Sharing

Administrators now have more control over how files are shared and what files can be shared.

Ensure that files shared with SharePlan's secure link sharing are kept private by protecting those links with a PIN. IT administrators can require that all shared links are protected by a PIN, or allow users to choose when to add PIN-protection to shared links.

Copy PIN-protected link to clipboard

IT administrators can now disable any existing link to a plan, folder, or file. In addition, users can self-manage and disable their own shared links from the SharePlan web app.

disable shared links

Fixes And Enhancements

SharePlan Apps

All Platforms

  • Numerous performance and stability improvements.
  • Improved error messages.
  • Improved consistency in language across platforms.
  • Corrected a number of minor display issues.


  • Welcome information now appears after signing in for the first time.
  • Copying a plan folder into another plan folder now works correctly.
  • Office file modifications now sync consistently.
  • Windows tray icon now loads personal plan consistently on startup.
  • Added scroll bar to plans view.
  • When re-activating a deactivated plan, the old .shareplan file is now properly deleted from the Recycle Bin.


  • Welcome information now appears after signing in for the first time.
  • Improved handling of situations where more than one user is editing the same Microsoft Word document.
  • You can now re-enable Finder enhancements.
  • Improved the reinstall experience.
  • The Help link in the menu bar goes to appropriate support page.
  • Plan names can now include a leading space.
  • Addressed issue preventing creation of plans ending in a period.
  • When re-activating a deactivated plan, the old .shareplan file is now properly deleted from the Trash.


  • The Share file to plan list now includes all plans, including non-syncing plans.
  • The app no longer hangs when accessing plans that reside on a provider destination.
  • You are warned if your device does not have enough free space to download the desired file.
  • Notifications consistency improved.
  • Addressed issue causing intermittent "Failed to retrieve file" error after plan creation.
  • Personal plan now visible after signing in following device deactivation.
  • During file upload, you have the option to create a new file when a file with that name already exists.
  • EPUB files can now be opened within the SharePlan mobile app.
  • Improvements to the user experience when browsing files in plans that do not sync to the device.
  • Unsupported file types no longer sync.
  • Non-syncing plans no longer display notifications.


  • The app now loads faster when starting for the first time after installation.
  • Corrected several minor display issues.
  • Unsupported file types no longer sync.

​​Web App

  • Improved user experience.
  • Corrected issue with drag and drop of files in Internet Explorer 10.
  • Zero-length files can now be uploaded.
  • Web browser no longer hangs in some circumstances when using the SharePlan web app over HTTPS.
  • Corrected issue causing "This plan is not available" message upon user creation in some circumstances.
  • Password reset links can now be sent via email.
  • Rebranding of various system-sent emails and pages.
  • You can now upload files to nested folders.
  • You can now create a new plan after a session timeout.
  • Improvements to drag and drop file upload when accessing the web app from Windows devices
  • Password reset form now presents a "success" message when submitting matching passwords after having submitted non-matching passwords.
  • Corrected several minor display issues.

Code42 Platform

  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Addressed issue with syncing between provider (cloud) destination and dependent master server.
  • Manually deleted archives are now purged instead of soft-deleted.
  • Reactivating a plan now successfully updates a required database field.
  • Security updates.
  • Addressed issue causing manual archive migration to fail intermittently.
  • "Destination request failed" error no longer occurs after destinations are no longer offered to a provider organization.
  • Corrected an issue with store points that include non-ASCII characters in the file path.
  • Moving a storage server back to original destination now works correctly.
  • Linux enterprise server install scripts have been updated to use Code42 branding.
  • Addressed issue affecting LDAP sync when a user changes name.

Code42 Administration Console

  • Revised welcome experience.
  • Updated user invitation message.
  • Branding and terminology updates.
  • Server details page warns if storage server is offline.
  • Corrected several minor display issues.
  • Add user dialog for SharePlan now excludes CrashPlan users.
  • Push restore now correctly displays the restore size by file size and number of files.
  • Add a plan function now works consistently.
  • Storage Quota in User details renamed to Backup Quota to indicate that SharePlan archives are excluded.
  • Addressed issue causing administration console to display incorrect "accepting new device" status for store points.
  • Deactivating a plan now removes it from default list of plans.
  • You can now create plans with special characters in the plan name, making this behavior consistent with the SharePlan mobile apps.
  • Updated action menu option for device details from Scan Folders to Verify File Selection to match the CrashPlan app.
  • File verification scans initiated from the administration console now perform the same tasks as scans initiated from CrashPlan apps.
  • Addressed issue causing browser crash in Internet Explorer 11 when selecting non-default backup sets.
  • The administration console CLI now errors when required parameters are missing.

Code42 API

This section documents changes, fixes, and enhancements to the Code42 REST-based developer API.

Updates To Existing Resources


The following changes may affect any existing scripts or integrations that leverage the Code42 API. We recommend reviewing your existing scripts or integrations prior to upgrading to version 4.1.4.

  • FileVersions now returns uids instead of URIs or URLs.
  • SystemSettings uses a new format for GET and PUT methods. Old formats are no longer accepted.
  • SystemSettings no longer returns planUid or id.
  • StorePointCommand superseded by new StorePoint DELETE method. 
  • PlanArchiveSession no longer accepts storageGuid or userUid. 
  • PlanDevice no longer returns the device “type”.

The following features provide new functionality and options to users of the REST API.

  • The following endpoints now support Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS), securely enabling more flexible use of the API:
    • AuthToken
    • MasterLicense
    • PlanSettings
    • ProductLicense
    • FileInfo
    • File
    • FileVersions
    • PlanArchiveSession
    • PlanEvent
  • Server now offers "this" option for the GET method. It is now possible to use "Server/this" instead of providing the server ID.
  • UserDeactivation:
    • Returns new errors: ACTIVE_LICENSE, ORG_TYPE, USER_ROLE
    • Allows the currently authenticated user to successfully use the resource. The PUT method now includes the "my" option, making it no longer necessary to include a user ID in the call.
  • Archive:
    • Accepts "targetGuid" as a parameter for GET.
    • Now outputs error 400 instead of 500 when neither targetGuid nor targetComputerId is provided.
  • Computer resource output value buildVersion is now applicable to SharePlan devices.
  • ProductLicense can now accept a list of licenses instead of just one license.
  • coldStorage provides a new output value for the GET method, sourceComputerService, with two possible values:​ SharePlan or CrashPlan.
  • FileVersions
    • Output is more relevant and accurate.
    • Now filters out file versions with a creation date over 30 days old, unless latest version is older than 30 days.
  • FileInfo provides better error messaging.
  • ArchiveMetadata works with CrashPlan (3.6) archives but not with SharePlan (4.x) archives.
    Use the PlanEvent resource to collect data and information from SharePlan archives.
  • Archive accepts a new parameter, targetGuid, for the GET method.
  • ProductLicense accepts a new parameter for the PUT method, ProductLicenses, which is an array of licenses.
  • Security updates.
  • DirectorySync: improved functionality.
  • UserMoveResource: improved functionality.
  • Plans: improved functionality.
  • ArchiveResource: improved functionality.
  • PlanSettings resource now works with provider.
Documentation Updates
  • The API Documentation Viewer has been updated to use Code42 branding and logos.
  • PlanUser entry updated to include that roleName is an attribute provided in the output to the GET method.
  • Plan entry has been updated for general accuracy.
  • WebRestoreTreeNode entry improved:
    • Duplicate parameter removed.
    • Improved description of the timestamp parameter.

New Resources

The following resources are newly available to users of the Code42 REST API:

  • ClientDownloadUrl
  • ComputerBlock
  • ComputerDefaults
  • ComputerStorePointAssignment
  • ConnectedServerUrl
  • DatabaseDump
  • DirectorySync
  • FileVersions
  • GeoLocationMap
  • HazelcastNode
  • Hierarchy
  • HierarchyService
  • OrgPlanSettings
  • Permission
  • PlanSettings
  • ProviderSyncService
  • PushRestoreJob
  • QSFile
  • Role

Known Issues

  • When uninstalling the SharePlan app, plan icon overlays are not removed from folders.
  • After your master server has successfully upgraded to version 4.1.4, you must clear your web browser cache before signing into the administration console.
  • Moving a child organization from one parent to another does not move link sharing settings in some circumstances.
  • In some cases, attempting to remove a provider destination from a deactivated organization does not remove the destination. See Unable To Remove A Provider Destination for full details.
  • When viewing Licensing from the administration console, you are unable to view your registration information by using the action menu's View License Information command. 
  • Currently, CrashPlan and SharePlan user licenses expire at 12:00 am on the date of expiration. Expected behavior is that they expire at 11:59:59 pm on the date of expiration.
  • When installing the Code42 enterprise server on an OS X host server that does not have Java installed, a prompt to install Java 6 appears. Decline the prompt and manually install Oracle Java 7.
  • When an XFS-formatted volume that has the allocsize parameter configured contains a store point, reported free space fluctuates and low space alerts may be generated. Remove allocsize for the volume entry in /etc/fstab, then restart the host server.
  • Private cloud deployments with over 5,000 user devices may experience low disk space on the on-premises master server.
  • There is a known issue affecting hybrid environments and public cloud environments with keys on-premises. For environments in either of these configurations, we recommend upgrading all private Code42 servers running version 4.1.3, 4.1.4, or 4.1.5 to version

Upgrading From Version To 4.1.4

The following resources provide additional information for private cloud customers upgrading from version to version 4.1.4. 

Technical Information

Full documentation on version 4.1.4. is available for IT administrators and for SharePlan users throughout the 4.1 sections of the Code42 Support Site.

Additional SharePlan Resources
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