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CrashPlan For Business Version 3.6.1

Applies to:
  • CrashPlan for Small Business
  • Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Business version 3.6.1 includes the following updated components: Enterprise server, CrashPlan PROe Cloud, and CrashPlan PRO Cloud version CrashPlan PROe Client version 3.6.1 This is a minor release that include several enhancements and fixes.


Administrator Restore UI Improvements

Admins can now initiate a restore from the Devices Overview for faster access to the admin restore functionality. There is also a new restore button that appears on Device Detail.

New Version Retention Setting - Never

CrashPlan PROe feature - Most organizations love our unlimited version retention.  However, extremely large and litigation minded organizations have requested that we retain only "1" copy of backup to avoid expensive discovery processes.  By ensuring that what is backed up is exactly what is on the laptop, these organizations can avoid having to audit all of the backup data, a potentially costly endeavor.  CrashPlan PROe now supports the entire spectrum of version retention, from unlimited to none. View version retention settings.

448-Bit Encryption + Password Now Available During Push Installations

CrashPlan PROe feature - Enterprises deploying the CrashPlan app via push installation with LDAP authentication enabled can now enable 448-bit encryption + password at the time of the push install. Users begin backing up as soon as the CrashPlan app is installed. When your users launch the CrashPlan app for the first time, they are prompted to set an archive password.

Lock Version Retention Permanently

CrashPlan PROe feature - You can now lock the version retention settings permanently for legal or compliance reasons so neither users nor admins can change version retention settings.

Please contact our Customer Champion team if you would like this feature enabled.

Expired Archives

CrashPlan PROe feature - There is a new state for when a backup archive ages out of cold storage - expired. This new expired state is a buffer period between an archive's cold storage purge date and when the backup archive is deleted from disk. When an archive has expired, it is no longer managed by the Code42 environment and thus is excluded from all licensing and stats calculations. However, the archive remains on disk for 20 additional days, and can be retrieved from disk during the expired period should the archive be needed.

Previously, once a backup archive aged out of cold storage, the archive was deleted from disk at the next daily accounting job. This new expired state adds another safety net to your Code42 environment.


  • The administration console now fills all available horizontal space within a browser window.
  • You no longer need to refresh your browser after deactivating a device to see the update in the User Detail screen.
  • When viewing the Organizations Overview, top level organizations are now aligned consistently for all orgs.
  • Device location map now shows the full device name. The device name is clickable and opens the Device Detail for the selected device.
  • In the console, the Save button on settings forms is now disabled until a setting is changed.
  • Corrected issue preventing push restores in certain cases within environments utilizing provider storage.
  • Improvements to synchronization process in environments utilizing provider storage.
  • Better cleanup on the balance target store point when a balance operation is unsuccessful.
  • Corrected an issue preventing some archives in cold storage from being removed from disk after purge date.
  • Registration key in Organization Detail now always displays in full, with no ellipsis, in all cases.
  • When adding an organization, the hosted option now only appears for administrators with the allorg permission.
  • Corrected an issue preventing an administrator from retrieving large device log files via the administration console.
  • Security updates.

Maintenance Update

Maintenance update is an enterprise update that includes updates to:

  • Enterprise server, CrashPlan PROe Cloud, and CrashPlan PRO Cloud version
  • CrashPlan PROe Client version


  • Updated self-signed SSL certificate for enterprise server.
  • Corrected errors during archive maintenance in certain edge cases.
  • When version retention settings allow only 1 version of a file, archive maintenance now properly removes all but 1 version.
  • Corrected issue occurring when seeding an archive to the same store point where the device is currently backing up.
  • Destination is no longer unavailable after locking backup set configuration in the administration console.
  • Restore icons in the administration console are no longer dimmed and unavailable when using Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
  • Improvements to server performance in very large environments.
  • Bandwidth graphs now display correctly.
  • License expiration date is not relevant to environments with perpetual licenses and has been removed from display under Licensing > Perpetual.

Maintenance Update

Version is an enterprise server-only maintenance update that addresses a small number of issues.


  • De-selecting a backup destination from Device Details now properly updates the Device Details.
  • When changing a server from one destination to another, the archive conflict resolution process now correctly displays device name and username and allows you to proceed with resolving the conflicts.
  • Corrected an issue with sync in some older multi-server environments that were upgraded to 3.6.1.x.
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