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CrashPlan For Business Version 3.5.5

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


Version 3.5.5 is a server-only upgrade that contains additional localization support and numerous fixes and improvements.

Webinar - What's New In Version 3.5.5

Find out more about what’s new in the latest version of CrashPlan PROe. In this free, 30 minute webinar, you'll get important information about upgrading to the new release (including best practices). You’ll also learn about new features, where to find them, and when and how to use them. In addition, we’ll cover bugs addressed in this release and how these changes can affect your backup and users.

The webinar was conducted on June 20 and is now available for viewing or download. View "What's New In Version 3.5.5" recording.


Console Localization

You can now set the locale from the console to change the console's displayed language and date format. There is a locale default under Settings > Server to set the console's default locale. Console users can choose to override this admin-defined default via the new locale widget in the console's toolbar.


  • Login button now better handles long button name text for non-English locales
  • Improvements to sync in PROe Cloud environments with on-premise master server
  • Corrected synchronization issues during data balancing in situations where the master server and the device are offline when the balancing operation completes
  • Improvements to LDAP synchronization for environments with over 1000 users
  • PROe Cloud environments with on-premise master server no longer display PROe Cloud destinations as offline
  • In console restore history, username and device columns are now clickable and take you to the user detail or device detail pane
  • Extended timeout period for web restore
  • Cancel button in Upgrade Server pane now cancels an upgrade even after the upgrade file has been uploaded
  • User list no longer incorrectly displays “No users yet” in certain cases when sorting
  • Improvements to web requests made when performing web restore, viewing a device's history or when browsing a device's file selection
  • CSV generated when exporting a list of active orgs from the Organization Overview now includes only active orgs
  • Attempting to create a destination without a name now correctly displays “This field is required” message
  • Licensing screen now correctly displays dates when console locale is non-English
  • Improvements to console device settings Frequency and Versions slider behavior
  • Columns from console list views no longer disappear when column width is made very small
  • Fixed header alignment on org restore summary PDF and print views
  • You can now Adopt a Computer from the console when the originating device already has an associated backup archive
  • Attempting to create a destination without a name correctly errors and then allows you to add a destination name
  • You are now able to open the Licensing screen in a new window or new tab
  • Console login screen capitalization in username and password field labels is now consistent
  • Corrected text overflow issues for non-English locales
  • All links in console list views now go to the correct page
  • When performing a push restore, device name search now correctly displays devices if the restore pane was closed and re-opened prior to initiating restore
  • Add Product License Key input box now ignores linebreak characters if the pasted product key contains linebreaks
  • Detail view for a deactivated org or destination now displays a deactivated status notice
  • Chrome and Firefox: Date Created text in Organization Detail pane is now correctly on one line
  • Internet Explorer: Characters entered for search in apidocviewer now appear in expected order
  • Internet Explorer: Improvements to page rendering and text display

Known Issue

There is a known issue with moving storage servers between destinations in version 3.5.5. Please review full details in this Answers from Support known issues topic before upgrading to version 3.5.5.

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