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CrashPlan For Business Version 3.5

Applies to:
  • Code42 for Enterprise


CrashPlan PROe version 3.5 is a PROe Server-only release featuring a number of enhancements and fixes.


User-Based Licensing

User-based licensing delivers more value. CrashPlan PROe administrators told us that they prefer to focus on managing users rather than managing devices. Therefore, with the release of CrashPlan PROe 3.5, we implemented user-based licensing to better reflect how most PROe customers manage their business.

User-based licensing makes it easy to efficiently manage all users while ensuring all devices are protected. This helps you keep your licenses in-use and up-to-date; your users can simply access their files when they need them, wherever they need them. This modified approach removes any previous barriers to users accessing backup via the CrashPlan PROe mobile apps.

Proactive license management gives you better visibility. CrashPlan PROe now proactively informs PROe administrators of licenses needing a refresh. Additionally, the CrashPlan PROe console license screen displays licensing by user counts and notes required refresh dates. PROe’s in-app purchasing and proactive notifications make it effortless to keep licenses up-to-date.

For more information on user-based licensing, please see our FAQ.

Evaluation User Accounts

An evaluation user account allows you to onboard users and start backing up without having to wait for your procurement department to obtain additional licenses. New users can back up without an active license for up to 30 days following user account creation. After a user account reaches 30 days old, the user must have an active license in order to back up or restore.

Automated Seeding To Your Own Private Cloud

Seeding is a great way to get started if you have a large amount of data to back up to your own offsite private cloud destination – it saves you both time and bandwidth. Seeding has always been a key feature of CrashPlan PROe, but with the latest version of CrashPlan PROe, we’ve made it much easier to seed backups to your own private cloud. Check out the new seeding tutorial to learn more.


  • Pushing Device Default changes to all orgs from a top level org now correctly updates all child orgs
  • Fixed issue where expanding parent org or view org details fails
  • Migrating a backup archive from a store point on the Master server to a store point on a Storage server within the same destination no longer fails
  • Web restore now correctly allows you to choose a previous date from the calendar
  • Migrating a backup archive in certain cases no longer leaves an orphaned backup archive on the original store point
  • Fixed issue with displaying org details
  • Addressed issue preventing admins from moving a user to new org
  • Improved reporting of backup and alert stats
  • In Hybrid Cloud configurations, web restore no longer fails for admin users restoring for a device that is not in the admin's org hierarchy
  • In Hybrid Cloud configurations, destination stats are no longer zero

Enterprise Maintenance Update is a server-side only maintenance update that addresses the following issues identified in version 3.5.1:

  • In multi-server environments where data balancing is enabled, balanced backup archives are no longer marked as orphans. If you experienced this issue while running 3.5.1, please review full details for a full description and resolution path.
  • Corrects licensing reporting issue affecting some orgs configured to auto-start back upPROe Server version is compatible with PROe Client version 3.4.1. PROe Client version 3.4.1 is the current version of the PROe Client software.


PROe Server version is compatible with PROe Client version 3.4.1. PROe Client version 3.4.1 is the current version of the PROe Client software.

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