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Code42 on-premises server and app release notes | Version 6.0

Applies to:
  • Code42 CrashPlan (previously CrashPlan PROe)


Version 6.0 of the Code42 platform is a major release that includes new features and a number of fixes and enhancements.

Highlights include:

  • A refreshed Code42 app user interface for those upgrading from version 4.x.
  • Simplified process for managing legal holds.
  • Updates to the Code42 Security Center, including the ability to create thresholds for user activity and configure automatic notifications.
  • A new Access Lock feature enables administrators to prevent unauthorized access to all content on a device.
  • Refreshed administration console design.
  • New subscription options, called product plans, enable administrators to customize which features are available in their Code42 environment.

Updated components

Code42 platform version 6.0 includes updates to the following components for on-premises (private cloud) Code42 environments:

  • Code42 server
  • CrashPlan apps for Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Code42 API
  • Code42 web apps

To upgrade your Code42 environment, see our upgrade instructions.


Refreshed Code42 app user interface

Version 6—now called the Code42 app—is a major upgrade from version 4.x and introduces a new user interface that makes it even easier to manage and use Code42 for backup and recovery. See Changes To The Code42 App In Version 6 for complete details.

Users upgrading from version 5.x to 6 won't see major changes to the user interface, but will benefit from numerous fixes and enhancements.

Code42 app home screen

Simplified legal hold process

In the Legal Hold web app, preservation policies are now configured independently of each legal matter. This enables legal administrators to more quickly and easily apply the same preservation policy to multiple legal matters.

Security Center activity thresholds

The Code42 Security Center allows administrators to monitor user file activity and helps provide insight into exfiltration threats. Improvements in version 6.0 include the ability to create thresholds for user activity and configure automatic notifications.

Security Center user activity results

Access Lock

Access Lock enables administrators to lock a Windows user device. This prevents access to all content on the device (not just the files selected for backup). Access Lock leverages Microsoft's BitLocker technology to lock all drives connected to the device with a new key. Once a device is locked, it is completely inaccessible without the new recovery key to unlock it.

Access Lock is very useful to prevent unauthorized access if:

  • A user is identified as an insider threat
  • A device is lost or stolen

Refreshed administration console design

The administration console navigation menu has updated styling.

Administration console navigation menu

New subscription options

The Code42 platform introduces different subscription options, called product plans. Each product plan includes a core set of features, enabling administrators to choose the plan most appropriate for them. Existing customers are automatically subscribed to the Classic plan, which includes all Code42 features (except Security Tools, which has always been an add-on).

The administration console also features a revised Subscriptions screen (formerly called "Licensing"), making it easier for administrators to check the status of user subscriptions.

Administration console Subscriptions screen

Fixes and enhancements

Code42 platform

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to web restore and push restore performance.
  • Improvements to logging.
  • Authority server replaces the term "master server" throughout Code42's support and product documentation. There is no change to the function of the authority server; this is only a name change.
  • Code42 app version 6 is the default client version for new Code42 server installations. Code42 environments upgrading from a version 5.x Code42 server seeking to upgrade 4.x Code42 apps must manually enable upgrades to version 6.0.
  • Retires OS X as a supported operating system for the Code42 server (OS X is still supported for the Code42 app on user devices). See Platform Retirement For Code42 Servers On OS X for more details.
  • A simplified Code42 Version Policy replaces the previous Public Cloud Version Policy, which applied only to customers with an on-premises authority server that also used Code42 cloud storage. The new policy applies to all customers with an on-premises authority server, regardless of storage location.
  • Introduces the option to use an external PostgreSQL database, instead of the Code42 authority server's internal database.
  • Improves support for customizing quality-of-service (QoS) policies with differentiated services code point (DSCP).
  • The section of a user's email address before the @ symbol is no longer limited to 64 characters. The max length for the entire address is still 255 characters.
  • Corrects an issue in which user backup status reports configured to send every day could occasionally skip a day.
  • Updates the following third-party libraries used in the Code42 platform:
  • Importing a database dump to an authority server with the same master license key (MLK) as an existing authority server now correctly updates the server's GUID in the .identity file.
  • Code42 server proserver init.d scripts are now LSB-compliant. This corrects an issue which could prevent the Code42 server software from automatically restarting if the host operating system restarted.
  • Improvements to sync processes between Code42 cloud servers and on-premises authority servers.
  • Corrects a rare issue which could cause web restore to be unavailable for up to 24 hours if a child organization was moved under the top-level organization and the top-level organization had no users.
  • Corrects an issue in which temporary files were not properly removed from C:\Windows\Temp when uploading client package files to Windows Code42 servers.
  • Corrects an exceptionally rare issue in which a user created in version 4.x with a custom role containing the planuser.update permission could not back up to Code42 cloud storage.
  • The SSL certificate used to ensure secure web access to the administration console can now also be configured to apply to client-to-server TLS connections.
  • Removes the deprecated spd.login permission from the Desktop User role.
  • The Linux Code42 server installer now prompts administrators to indicate if the installation is for an authority or storage server and also prompts for details about database configuration.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.4 in which the reset admin credentials script did not properly reset the username and password.
  • Improvements to the file verification scan and client-to-server sync processes.
  • Improvements to archive maintenance.
  • Adds the archive GUID to archive maintenance completed logs.
  • Removes the Hosted box from the Add Organizations screen. Customers with an on-premises Code42 authority server can no longer host a destination that offers storage to another customer with an on-premises Code42 authority server. The Code42 cloud is now the only environment allowed to offer provider storage.
  • Updates the SSO authentication process to accommodate exact required values, fixing an issue with Azure AD FS.
  • Reduces the size of client installer packages.
  • Corrects an issue in which user devices process multiple incremental upgrades under certain circumstances, instead of upgrading directly to the latest version.
  • Corrects an issue in which specific circumstances did not allow moving an organization to be a child of a new organization.
  • REST API log information is now included in the request.log file. Data is no longer written to the rest.log file.

Administration console

  • Security updates.
  • In the navigation menu on the left:
    • The previous "Destinations" option is renamed Storage.
    • The previous "Licensing" option is renamed Subscriptions.
  • Signing in to the administration console is now a two-step process. A user is first prompted to enter only a username. The password is requested on the next screen. This follows industry standard best practices, and also enables future product innovations.
  • The Device Details screen now displays the actual file path on the user's device if an administrator uses a substitution variable and also locks the backup file selection. For example, if an organization has a locked file selection of :documents, the Device Details for a specific device now displays the file selection as C:/Users/Bob/Documents.
  • Adds a progress indicator to the Web Restore and Device Restore views when calculating totals for a large number of files selected for restore.
  • Non-administrator users can now view the History log for their own devices.
  • Users with only a username (but no first and last name entered) no longer generate a sorting error when attempting to sort by Name on the Users screen.
  • Improves reliability of real-time device status check (online or offline) when performing push restores.
  • In the Code42 command-line interface, entering the command disconnect without a guid now correctly displays usage details for the command instead of an error message.
  • Corrects an rare issue in which Windows devices could incorrectly report the backup is 100% complete even though not all files are backed up.
  • Renaming an organization now enforces a minimum length requirement of three characters.
  • The CSV template to bulk add users no longer contains the the username field if Usernames are email addresses is selected.
  • When exporting a list of users to CSV from the action menu on the Users screen, the .csv file now includes additional columns that were previously only accessible via the Code42 API User resource.
  • Performing a web restore from the administration console for devices with custom key security now presents the option to enter either the custom key or the passphrase.
  • Changes to version retention settings are now applied during regularly scheduled archive maintenance and no longer require the user device to connect to the Code42 server.
  • When attempting to navigate within the administration console after a session times out, the user is now redirected to the sign in screen instead of receiving an "invalid_token" error message.
  • Corrects an issue in which the History tab on the Device Details screen did not display history log information under certain circumstances.
  • When performing a web restore from the administration console for a user with archive password security enabled, entering the wrong password now correctly allows the user to re-enter the password without first closing and re-opening the web restore window or refreshing the page.
  • Removes the Print option from the action menu on the Users screen. To print a list of users, use the web browser's print option instead.
  • Removes the Licensing graph from the Dashboard. For license status, see the Subscriptions page.
  • Adds columns for Archive Type, User, and Device Name to the Cold Storage screen.
  • Manually adding Windows file paths for file selection inclusions now accept both / and \ path separators.
  • When switching destinations in the From Destination dropdown menu while performing a web restore, corrects a rare issue for users with archive password security which could cause the restore window to close unexpectedly.
  • Removes most administration console navigation keyboard shortcuts.
  • Users can no longer attempt to deactivate or block themselves from the action menu on the Users screen. Previously, these options were available but resulted in an error message. Now, the Block and Deactivate options are dimmed when accessed for the signed-in user.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced in version 5.4.0 in which a child organization could not be moved to the root organization if there were three or fewer total organizations.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.3 in which the CLI command did not properly display newly set values defined with prop.set CLI command.
  • Exporting a custom keystore now exports the keystore in raw bytes instead of base64 encoding.
  • On the Storage > Store Points screen, corrects an issue introduced in version 5.4 in which clicking the Write Speed to recalculate did not properly display the new value.
  • Improves error messaging when entering an invalid address in several network fields.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which the Restore button was dimmed for a re-activated device using Code42 cloud storage.
  • Improvements to translations for administration console localization.
  • Corrects an issue for Code42 environments using two-factor authentication in which entering an incorrect one-time password (OTP) required the user to refresh the page before re-entering the correct OTP allowed the user to sign in.
  • The drag and drop functionality for uploading the Code42 server upgrade file now works in the Edge and Internet Explorer browsers.
  • When adding a RADIUS server, clicking the Save button multiple times no longer adds multiple instances of the RADIUS server.
  • Clicking a tab in the Org Info section of the Organizations screen now correctly stays on the selected tab after the page finishes loading. Previously, the screen could default back to the first tab under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue in which attempting to send a test email from Settings > Server > Action Menu > Send Test Email only succeeded if the address of the mail server was an IP address. Now, test emails also send correctly when the email server uses a hostname in place of an IP address.
  • Org admins can no longer attempt to add or remove destinations. Previously, the administration console allowed org admins to attempt this, but these attempts would always fail with an error message because org admins do not have the required permissions to change offered destinations. This does not change user permissions; this is only an improvement to what is shown in the administration console interface.
  • Corrects an issue in which installing the Code42 server on Windows Server 2016 could prevent the administration console from opening automatically in the Edge web browser.
  • LDAP URL network tests now support spaces in the Organizational Unit (OU).
  • Corrects an issue in which the word "undefined" was added to the end of each organization's name in the Change Parent Organization dialog under certain circumstances.
  • Resolves an issue where the sign in screen did not appear when selecting Sign Out from a storage server.
  • On the Settings > Server screen, the Primary and Secondary network address fields (used for client device connections) now include separate fields for the TLS and legacy port numbers.
  • Introduces a login.monitor.reset CLI command for users with the Org Admin role to reset a user's login attempt status. This command replaces the reset option for the login.monitor command.
  • Introduces a new upload subscription information process for applying and displaying subscriptions for Code42 environments without an external (Internet) network connection.
  • On the Settings > Server screen, improves error messaging for an invalid Proxy address.
  • Introduces a new customer_admin permission for identifying administrators. This permission is automatically added to the Server Administrator and SYSADMIN roles.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.4 in which undeclared variables (not preceeded by var) caused an LDAP script execution error.
  • When performing a web restore, deselecting a file now correctly decreases the displayed file count of files to be restored.
  • In the administration console, the Maximum seats quota is now labeled Maximum user subscriptions
  • Removes the TCP packet QoS settings from Settings > Device Backup > Network > General. These values are now defined in the new DSCP section.
  • Corrects an issue in which changes to Device Backup settings did not save properly under specific circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue which prevented administrators from being able to push and lock a change to the Remove deleted files frequency and version setting.
  • The version and frequency settings no longer allow you to adjust the Last year and Previous years sliders if Last 90 days is set to Never.
  • In environments with an on-premises authority server that also use Code42 cloud storage, users with the Org Help Desk role can now perform device and web restores.
  • Setting an individual device's Backup new version setting to Every day no longer prevents changes to the other Version retention settings. 
  • Each time an administrator moves a user from an organization with Compliance Settings enabled to an organization without Compliance Settings, a confirmation message appears. Previously, the confirmation only appeared the first time. 

Security Center

  • The Security web app is now called Security Center and is accessible from the navigation menu on the left of the administration console instead of from the app switcher in the upper-right.
  • Endpoint monitoring detection now also monitors activity for files backed up to the Code42 cloud.
  • Numerous endpoint monitoring and Security Center performance and stability improvements.
  • Corrects an issue in which removable media detection did not capture the serial number of a USB device connected to OS X devices under certain circumstances.
  • Increases the user activity search period from a maximum of 30 days to 62 days.
  • Administrators can now define security monitoring thresholds and receive emails when a user crosses a limit.
  • Corrects an issue in which the last modified time could be reported incorrectly for files at the root level of a USB drive.
  • The User Activity results page now has editable search dates.
  • Corrects an issue in which entering a user search string and then selecting a date without first tabbing out of the Username field or selecting a user from the dropdown cleared the user search string.
  • Improves reporting if endpoint monitoring detects multiple events on the same file in rapid succession; these events are now grouped together and reported as a single event in the Security Center. Previously, a single large file creation could have been reported as a create event and multiple modify events.
  • Improves accuracy of pattern matching results. 
  • On the Activity Results page, corrects an issue in which clicking the Most Current link to select a date did not display user activity that occurred during the selected date range. 
  • Corrects an issue in which endpoint monitoring could prevent a user from properly ejecting a large external drive.
  • Administrators can now use the Code42 API to define specific file paths to exclude from removable media and cloud services endpoint detection monitoring.
  • Endpoint monitoring now only scans removable media for file modifications and creations; file contents are no longer scanned upon drive detection. Administrators can change this default via the Code42 API.
  • Internal drive partitions are monitored as internal drives only. They are no longer monitored as part of removable media detection.
  • Provides pattern matching performance improvements.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which temporary cache files were not automatically deleted from user devices with endpoint monitoring enabled.
  • Improves accuracy of Security Center user activity file counts and file size.
  • Performance and stability improvements in Security Center when viewing and downloading user activity.

Legal hold

  • Legal holds are now called legal matters.
  • Preservation policies are now configured independently of each legal matter. After upgrading to Code42 server version 6, any previous legal holds are migrated to separate matters and preservation policies. For example, a legal hold created in version 5.x becomes one matter and one policy in version 6.
  • When specifying a preservation policy's backup frequency interval in days, hours, or minutes, the option to select a specific time no longer appears.
  • Devices deactivated before a user was placed on legal hold no longer appear in the Get Files list of available devices.
  • Corrects an issue in which adding to the initial file selection for OS X devices did not immediately start backing up the new file paths under certain circumstances.

File search web app

  • Searching for files modified within the past 30 minutes now only returns results from the specified timeframe. Previously, search results could include files modified more than 30 minutes ago under certain circumstances.
  • Removes the option to search for files by entering a SHA-256 file hash.
  • Corrects an issue in which attempting to download a file could fail in environments that use both local backup destinations and Code42 cloud storage.

Reporting web app

Code42 API

  • Removes the computerCount and backupSessionCount output values from the Destination resource (these were both deprecated in version 4.1.7). Use the backupComputerCount and archiveSessionCount output values instead.
  • Removes the following output values from the MasterLicense resource (these were all deprecated in version 5.4):
    • demo
    • remainingDemoDays
    • seatsInUse
    • unlimited
    • seatCount
    • supported
    • lockedDown
    • perpetualSupportExpirationDate
    • perpetualSupportDaysRemaining
    • expiringLicenses
    • saasExpirationDate
    • freeTrialCount
    • nextFreeTrialExpirationDate
    • securityTools.isLicensed
    • securityTools.expirationDate
    • securityTools.daysUntilExpiration
  • Removes the DEMO_EXPIRED query parameter and output value from the AlertLog resource.
  • The following Destination output values now return null values instead of empty strings if there is no data for the value:
    • balancedStorePointCount
    • serverCount
    • offlineServerCount
    • storePointCount
    • totalBytes
    • usedPercentage
    • freeBytes
    • freePercentage
    • coldBytes
    • coldPercentageOfUsed
    • coldPercentageOfTotal
  • Adding users via the User resource to organizations that do not use SSO or LDAP now requires either a password or email address to be included in the request (in addition to username)
  • Corrects an issue with the User resource in which using the srtKey parameter sometimes returned inconsistent or incomplete results.
  • Introduces a new LegalHoldPolicy resource to create and manage legal hold policies.
  • Removes the configOverride parameter from the LegalHold resource.
  • Adds the holdPolicyUid parameter to the LegalHold resource.
  • Deprecates the hosted parameter of the Org resource.
API Documentation Viewer
  • The API documentation viewer now correctly loads in the Safari web browser in Private mode.
  • Improves the Org resource descriptions of output values related to destination settings.
  • Improves the LogFile resource description of the pageNum output value and pgNum parameter.
  • The OrgBlock resource now correctly references orgId in examples instead of userId

Code42 app

Version 6—now called the Code42 app—is a major upgrade from version 4.x and introduces a new user interface that makes it even easier to use Code42 for backup and recovery. See Changes To The Code42 App In Version 6 for complete details.

Users upgrading from version 5.x to 6 won't see major changes to the user interface, but will benefit from the following fixes and enhancements.

Windows, OS X, and Linux

Version 6.0.0

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Compared to version 5.x, improves backup and restore speeds for Windows and OS X devices.
  • On Windows devices, corrects an issue in which some file metadata (such as Created Date) was not backed up in certain circumstances if a file was locked by another program at the time Code42 backed up the file. Also included in app versions 4.8.2 and 5.4.2.
  • Signing in to the Code42 app is now a two-step process. A user is first prompted to enter only a username. The password is requested on the next screen. This follows industry standard best practices, and also enables future product innovations.
  • Corrects a rare issue that could result in the Code42 app being uninstalled from a device during a Code42 app upgrade.
  • Removes support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and OS X 10.9 Mavericks. Devices on these operating systems will not upgrade to Code42 app version 6.0. Windows 8.1 is still supported.
  • Corrects an issue which could prevent devices behind proxy servers from connecting to the Code42 server in environments that use different PAC files for different network connections.
  • Removes support for Code42 apps on devices using Windows Server operating systems.
  • Branding updates replace "Code42 CrashPlan" with "Code42."
  • In the Windows task manager, all Code42 processes now correctly display the Code42 logo.
  • Corrects an issue which could prevent uninstallation of the OS X Code42 app if the same user account installed the app both per user and "for everyone" on the same device.
  • Linux users with the system locale set to C or POSIX no longer experience intermittent errors when attempting to start or stop the Code42 service.
  • User devices on the same user account no longer attempt network connections to each other once Account Devices are unoffered as backup destination options.
  • Corrects a very rare issue in which Code42 app temporary folders were not properly deleted from Windows devices.
  • Adding a Wi-Fi network exclusion now takes effect immediately without requiring a restart of the Code42 service.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced in version 5.4.0 which could cause duplicate copies of files to be restored if the device enters sleep mode while files are being restored.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which files backed up from a Windows device could be restored with a short file name instead of the full file name.
  • For devices behind proxy servers that have enabled auto-detection, users are no longer required to manually configure proxy settings in order to connect to Code42 servers (including the Code42 cloud).
  • In environments using both SSO and LDAP, deauthorizing a device no longer requires the user to exit and restart the Code42 app to sign in again via SSO.
  • Improves error messaging when attempting to enter a password recovery question with more than 128 characters.
  • On Windows devices, the Code42 notification area icon (tray app) now appears automatically after upgrading the Code42 app.
  • On the Get Files screen, a dash now appears in the checkbox next to a folder when not all files in the folder are selected for download. Previously, the checkbox could appear empty even if some files in the folder were selected for download.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.4 in which the replace device completion message did not appear in the Code42 app under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.4 in which users had the option to enter a different username when signing in for the first time after replacing a device (entering any username other than the user of the old device resulted in an error). Now, the username is pre-populated and cannot be changed by the user.
  • If more than one download is in progress and the user pauses a download, resuming that download no longer requires restarting the Code42 app.
  • Corrects an issue on Windows devices in which a user's files were not automatically selected for backup if the user is not a local administrator and has a username with non-ASCII characters.
  • Minor cosmetic user interface fixes and improvements.
  • Corrects an issue in which user devices continued to use network override sending rates even after the override was removed from the administration console under certain circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue on OS X devices in which restoring a file to the original location and choosing to rename the original file caused one of the two files to not appear in the Finder until the Finder restarted.
  • Code42 app version 6 once again supports environments that use both single sign-on (SSO) and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). (Version 4.x supports this, but version 5.x did not).
  • Corrects a rare issue issue which could prompt users to "allow network connections" during the upgrade to Code42 app version 5.4.1.
  • Newly created organizations now correctly inherit the setting from the parent organization to enable or disable client upgrades to versions 5.x and 6.x.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.4 which prevented the Code42 service from starting on Windows devices using the Chinese system locale.
  • On Windows devices, corrects a very rare issue which could cause the notification area pop-up window (tray app) to shift position or appear blacked out.
  • From Device Preferences > Destinations, the Run Maintenance button no longer appears if the Code42 app has never connected to the destination.
  • The Enter Passphrase field for Custom Key account encryption key security now only supports a single line of text.
  • Improves the status message if the network disconnects while transferring Windows user settings and files to a new device.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced in version 5.4 in which the deauthorization message did not appear on the sign in page after a user is deauthorized.
  • Corrects a cosmetic issue on Mac devices which could show all mounted volumes as selected for backup if the administrator defined the backup file selection using the substitution variable :main (which is only intended to cover the root Macintosh HD). In this case, the extra volumes were not actually backed up, even though they appeared to be selected in the Code42 app.
  • Improves accessibility by increasing the weight and darkness of the font. This increases contrast and makes it easier to read.
  • The .identity file on Mac devices now contains metadata to prevent it from being backed up by Time Machine. This helps prevent unwanted duplicate device records (GUIDs) when using Time Machine to restore files to a new device.

Code42 app for Splunk

  • Code42 app for Splunk version 2.2 introduces numerous performance and stability improvements, including:
    • Better error handling.
    • Improvements to logging.
    • More accurate event counts.
    • Optimized event processing, especially for large numbers of events (10,000+).
    • If a storage server is unavailable, the app now requests events from any other available storage server.
    • Corrects a recent issue that prevented the complete set of security events for archives in the Code42 cloud from being imported to Splunk. 

Known issues

  • In the Reporting web app, some search results are not properly localized when a non-English locale is selected in the administration console.
  • In the Legal Hold web app, clicking the heading of the Name column does not sort the list of legal matters.


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