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CrashPlan For Home Version 7.27.2009

Applies to:

    New Features

    Customize Twitter Messages

    New Twitter settings allow you to customize CrashPlan Tweets and configure under Settings > Backup > Backup Status and Alerts > Twitter.

    • You can choose to send your followers a tweet telling them that you are backing up with CrashPlan.
    • You can notify your followers that they can back up to you.

    In both cases you can edit the message that your followers receive.


    Improved My Computers Report

    More info in the My Computers report – The My Computers list in your CrashPlan account online now displays each computer's backup code and the LastConnected date / time.


    Support for Open Solaris

    CrashPlan now uses Open Solaris native OS libraries for high performance backup scanning and file change detection.

    Bug Fixes

    • Tall formatted ads are no longer being clipped in CrashPlan desktop. Also improved how they refresh.
    • When you specify that CrashPlan should run only during a specified time (Settings > General), the CrashPlan will run setting no longer displays the current time as the end time.
    • Windows: Settings > General - Launch system tray on startup setting is available.
    • Mac (Snow Leopard): Fixed memory leak that was related to the real-time file change query (Spotlight). Some users may see that their reported memory is lower.
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