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CrashPlan For Home Version 3.6.3

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    Version 3.6.3 is a minor release featuring several enhancements and fixes.

    Updates to the latest version happen automatically and will take place throughout the month. This release does include a change to the way that Java is installed for Windows, Mac, and Linux. However, if the CrashPlan app is already running on your computer, the Java installation change will not affect you. Read the feature descriptions below for further details.


    Updated Translations

    Translations of the CrashPlan app have been updated and improved in version 3.6.3.

    CrashPlan App On OS X Now Includes Java

    Installing the CrashPlan app on OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) and later now also installs Java Runtime Environment version 1.7.0_45. This means that the CrashPlan app installation process is just one step and you are no longer prompted to install Java on your Mac.

    This feature applies to new installations of the CrashPlan app only. If the CrashPlan app is already running on your Mac, no action is required and CrashPlan will continue to function normally.

    TIP: The CrashPlan app previously relied on your system's version of Java to function. In new installations, the app can use a version of Java dedicated to CrashPlan. If you are running OS X 10.7.3 or later, and you would like to switch from using the system version of Java to using the one included with the CrashPlan app, you can uninstall and reinstall the CrashPlan app.

    Updated Java For Windows And Linux

    New installations of the CrashPlan app include a new version of the Java Runtime Environment: version 1.7.0_45. 

    This feature applies to new installations of the CrashPlan app only. If the CrashPlan app is already running on your computer, no action is required and CrashPlan will continue to function normally.

    TIP: If you have an existing installation of the CrashPlan app and would like to update to the newer version of Java, you must uninstall and reinstall the CrashPlan app

    Reset Archive Key Password

    Users who choose to upgrade archive encryption key security from the default to 448-bit encryption + password now have the option to set a challenge question and answer. The challenge question and answer can be used in the future to reset the archive key password, in the event that the password is lost or forgotten. Full details are available in the newly updated Archive Encryption Key Security article.

    New Version Retention Option - Never

    Most people tell us that they love our unlimited version retention. However, some CrashPlan subscribers have told us that they want more control over which older versions of files are kept, in specific use cases.

    You can now set versions to keep from Last 90 days, Last year, or Previous years to "never", and CrashPlan will no longer keep any old versions within the specified date range. For full details, see Specifying Version Settings.

    CrashPlan App On Windows Now Displays Specific Product

    You are now better able to identify which CrashPlan product is installed on your computer. CrashPlan, CrashPlan PRO, and CrashPlan PROe are now displayed by specific name in the CrashPlan installer and in Add / Remove Programs.


    • Java heap space allocation for the CrashPlan service has been increased to 1024 MB for better performance on devices with larger file selections or more frequent backups.
      Installations where Java heap space allocation was modified from previous default of 512 MB are unaffected by this change.
    • Network interface exclusions and wireless network exclusions are now properly obeyed on OS X and Windows when connected via a virtual network (e.g. VPN connection, VMware guest, Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter).
    • Security updates.
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