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CrashPlan For Home Version 3.0.1

Applies to:

    Existing CrashPlan Users: Updates to the latest release happen automatically. Unless specifically instructed to do so, you do not need to download a new file and reinstall CrashPlan. We take care of all that for you.


    What's New in This Release?

    • Google Checkout - Back by popular request! You can use Google Checkout to purchase seed services and 1, 2, 3, and 4-year subscriptions.
    • Faster restores - The backup destination's CPU settings no longer govern how fast you can restore.
    • Welcome email - New users now receive a Welcome email message that points out how to start backing up.
    • Printable support articles - Create your own CrashPlan support PDFs using the Print Page option on the Support navigation menu. These pages are suitable for printing and assembling into your own CrashPlan “manual.”

    Bug Fixes

    • Files backed up to CrashPlan Central under an active CrashPlan+ subscription can now be restored from any computer on your account, even if the computer you are restoring from does not have a subscription.
    • Improved performance in cases where file selection settings contain a large number of items or when many backup sets are configured.
    • You are now able to successfully invite a friend using Internet Explorer 8.
    • Warning message when deselecting files from your backup selection now appears consistently.
    • Fixed issue with the days of the week scheduler.
    • USB drives, external hard drives used as a backup destinations now eject cleanly, even when CrashPlan is not actively backing up.
    • Corrected issue where in rare cases on Windows, CrashPlan interfered with installing other software.
    • Improved reliability of Twitter messages.
    • Verify file selection setting now adheres to its backup set schedule, and time units now adjust properly when changing backup schedule.
    • Addressed issue that prevented you from using web restore if your private password contained certain special characters.
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