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CrashPlan For Home Version 3

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    What's New in 3.0?

    • Backup sets in CrashPlan+!!!
    • CrashPlan detects new computers / drives on your account and allows you to avoid restarting backup
    • We've bundled CrashPlan Central destinations with CrashPlan+. CrashPlan+ is now a subscription that you renew, with monthly and yearly subscriptions available. Learn More
    • New scheduling options allow you to choose the day(s) of the week you want backups to take place.
    • We've made it easier to switch and upgrade plans from your account online
    • You can now transfer licenses between computers and users (great for giving away CrashPlan+ as a gift)
    • Desktop changes (adding backup sets required that we move around some items on the Settings tab)
    • New release naming

    New Feature: Backup Sets

    Until now all your destinations received the same set of files with the same settings applied to your entire file selection. Now with multiple backup sets, you can specify which files go to which locations and with what settings.

    For example, you can back up all your files locally to a nearby computer, AND:

    • Back up your vacation photos to an offsite location, and back up important legal documents to an attached drive.
    • Back up all your business files to computers on your network, and back up personal documents online to CrashPlan Central.
    • Back up your Music library to your friend across town and back up wedding photos online to CrashPlan Central.



    In addition to organizing backup sets based on destination, you can also have backup sets with different settings, such as different backup schedules or different retention settings. For example, you can:

    • Back up one set of files daily, and have another set back up only on weekends, after midnight.
    • Back up all your wedding photos with a retention setting such that deleted files will never be removed from the backup archive (in case it is a long time before you notice that they’ve been deleted), and remove draft text files from the backup archive 30 days after they have been deleted.

    Of course, you can mix and match multiple destinations with different backup settings to fit even the most complex backup scenarios. You can even adjust the priority of individual backup sets and specify the order in which backups should occur.

    Enable backup sets on the Settings > Backup tab. Then click this link to read about your options. Reference Guide - Backup Sets

    TIP: Organize your files in folders according to where you want them backed up, and then tell CrashPlan+ to back them up to their specific destinations.

    Don't forget: As always, be sure to take advantage of CrashPlan's multi-destination backup for even greater protection: back up individual backup sets to multiple locations.

    Other CrashPlan+ changes

    CrashPlan+ is automatically installed as a 30-day free trial. At the end of the trial period, your installation will lose the CrashPlan+ features, including the ability to back up to CrashPlan Central.


    • Flexible backup scheduling If you want your backups to take place at scheduled times, in addition to specifying the time of day for backing up, you can now specify the days of the week when CrashPlan should backup.
    • Replacing a computer? CrashPlan now recognizes new computers and new devices. When you log into an existing account from a new computer you have the option to have the new computer adopt an existing one. This will reconnect the new computer to the old computer's backup archive, allowing you to avoid the lengthy initial backup process. This feature makes it even easier to restore files when disaster claims a computer. Learn more about restoring to a new computer.
    • Forget about it! CrashPlan+ subscriptions now renew automatically, so that you can continue to back up to CrashPlan Central without having to remember to renew. Of course, if you *like* receiving reminder emails daily just before your subscription expires, you can turn off the auto-renew setting for your account.
    • Instant gratification! Now you can click the Play button for a destination to make a specific backup destination the highest priority. If you have backup sets enabled (CrashPlan+ only) you can also change the priority of each backup set to specify the order in which you want your backup sets to backup.
    • Scan on demand You can verify the files in your backup files selection (or in your backup sets) on demand with the Scan button. This feature looks for deleted and de-selected files to determine which files should be backed up. You could always schedule verification to happen at a convenient time, but now you can make it happen on demand.
    • Adjustable LAN network throttling Adjust how much juice you want CrashPlan to use on your LAN.
    • This release is called CrashPlan 3 and represents a version upgrade from the previous release, CrashPlan 3.8.2010. (Previous versions used the release date for the version number.)
    • As always, there are many user interface improvements that make CrashPlan easier to use and understand.

    Bug Fixes

    Some users, under certain conditions may have noticed issues that prevented CrashPlan from performing as expected. We've made the following changes:

    All Platforms

    • Users will now receive an email when CrashPlan determines that specific files cannot be backed up
    • Backslash is now translated properly
    • Spotlight: search scope has been removed
    • Destination unavailable message no longer appears when first connecting
    • Read-only or locked directories no longer prevent restoring
    • Mac symlink ownership is now correct
    • Details about your backup now include “Last Backed Up Date”
    • HFS+ extended attributes (xattr) have been added to Mac metadata
    • Files retain the correct modification date after restoring
    • CrashPlan Central shows correct expiration date / plan on Settings > Account page
    • Expanded info display remains open after you click the play button
    • CrashPlan now verifies that the default restore directory can be written to
    • Improved performance of restore tree refreshes faster and supports 100,000+ nodes
    • Scroll bars now appear when you select a computer as a destination
    • Improved messaging when checking for de-selected files
    • Restore panel performance displays when calculating total size
    • CrashPlan now supports importing SSH keys from other software


    • Solaris installer issues have been addressed

    Linux Only

    • Linux scripts have been converted to /bin/sh
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