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CrashPlan For Home Version 12.10.2008

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    Just two months since our last release and we continue to make onsite, offsite and online backup easier than ever. Today we are thrilled to announce direct to disk support.

    We've also made adding friends easier. You can now select friends and contacts from your webmail address books and your social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.


    The features included in this FREE upgrade are available to everyone!

    New Features

    Local Folder Destinations

    Yes, it's true: you can now back up directly to a folder. While the folder can be anywhere, it should be someplace that's relatively fast to access.

    Things that work well: Internal drive, external drive, fileserver, airport extreme disk, Drobo.

    Things that will not work: Macfuse mount of your imap mail account. Mobile Me. NFS mount over a 1200 baud modem.

    Ways to use this powerful feature:

    • Back up directly to an external USB/firewire disk
    • Back up directly to the same drive you are backing up
    • Back up to a network fileserver
    • Back up to a USB Drive, then bring the drive to another computer, and resume backing up automatically

    Webmail and Social Network Integration

    Protecting data is the ultimate “I'm thinking of you” Christmas gift. We make it super easy with our new webmail and social network integration.

    Simply invite your Facebook friend to back up to a computer that you choose. They download, supply your backup code, and… Done!

    TIP: Purchase a 1TB external drive and tell CrashPlan to automatically use it for new backups.



    • You may now back up your system to any attached folder
    • You may now “attach” to a backup archive from another computer
    • You may now “swap out” archives by attaching to a new one for the same computer
    • Progress bar is now more “fine grained” in updating status. Also, 1003MB is now displayed as ”.9GB” for progress
    • Regex - White space that isn't used is now trimmed
    • Compression - You may now specify on, off, or automatic. Automatic turns on compression for remote destinations to save bandwidth and turns off compression for local destination to increase speed
    • Sync - Speed improvements and optimizations


    • UI Change - Status Portlet for a job now displays at bottom of screen instead of top
    • Versions - They are now displayed in order of date / time descending
    • Job complete - Date / time is now displayed in restore portlet when restore job completes
    • Read only - Better messages and recovery when attempting to restore to places you are not allowed


    • You may now invite friends using your webmail address books and social networks, including:



    Social Networks



    • Remote computer name now displayed when it can help clarify what's going on for user
    • We now track amount of time spent maintaining an archive


    • You may now deselect a destination to see help text
    • Additional corruption checks in place to detect bad destinations that aren't storing information correctly

    Website / Account

    •  You may now invite friends and family in Facebook


    •  Local Settings/temp is now excluded by default

    Bug Fixes

    • Private data password - Removed potential error condition when changing
    • Backup alerts - Could repeat too often via email
    • Display change - Files which should be hidden from display are now hidden when nested deeply in folder structure
    • Sync - Large backups could time out rebuilding indexes / syncing causing extra load on destination
    • Statistics - It was possible to display information that wasn't completely up to date in status for a source


    • Vista - Fixed rare binding issue for network socket
    • System Tray - Access via system tray could bypass password prompt for UI
    • Text no longer floats over button edge on Destinations > Overview page

    Mac OS X

    • Symlink - We no longer apply meta data changes to symlink as it alters target's meta datac
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