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CrashPlan For Home Version 10.29.2008

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    This release contains a few minor aesthetic changes and fixes a few issues discovered since last release.


    • Invite e-mail now has HTML formatting and inline images
    • CP Login Screen has more room for error messages
    • Display of version now correct
    • On fresh installs, we updated hint links to hop into destinations instead of website.
    • Updates on web API. Very handy if you're backing up to central and want to program your own scripts to monitor backup status, etc.

    Bug Fixes

    • OS X 10.4 - Realtime file watcher was broken in last release. We've updated our 10.4 test plan so this one doesn't sneak by us next time - fixed
    • In Linux, shortcuts to filesystem were not working when clicked - fixed
    • Restore text in history log was backwards, “Restore from” was listed instead of “Restore to” - fixed
    • Searching for filenames in restore panel for local backup archives would not work - fixed
    • Fixed rare situation where a computer could be stuck syncing
    • Recover password URL in desktop updated
    • Web restore will not function for blocked users
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