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CrashPlan For Home Version 1.06.2009

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    Less than a month after introducing direct to disk support (whew!) and just in time for Macworld 2009, we are pleased to announce our new, free version of CrashPlan!

    CrashPlan is FREE!

    CrashPlan is our new free, ad-supported product that replaces the previous paid CrashPlan. This new, free CrashPlan includes all the familiar features of CrashPlan, plus the following additions:

    • Hourly backup to CrashPlan Central
    • Multiple version support

    If you've purchased a CrashPlan license, you also receive version support (previously CrashPlan+ only) and hourly backup to CrashPlan Central (previously daily). And don't worry! You won't see ads!

    What this means to you...


    • Text changes to enhance clarity throughout


    • Attach Archive: clicking Cancel takes you to the Backup tab
    • Cannot click Start Backup button for computer with inbound backup disabled
    • CrashPlan customers now back up once hourly to CrashPlan Central (your own destinations are still once daily)
    • CrashPlan customers can now move back in time with multiple version support (previously CrashPlan+ only)


    • Restore defaults to “this computer”


    • Invited friend is now automatically allowed to back up to you when offering computer


    • Support wiki now linked from main support menu
    • New product available in store: Seed Initial Backup


    • File system scan following initial install showed total selected files and size, but not files and size for user's home folder
    • You are now automatically signed in after clicking account online link from Settings > Account

    General Enhancements

    • Miscellaneous improvements to the synchronization process
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