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Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, no.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.

Code42 Support

Code42 Cloud Version 6.0

Who is this article for?

Code42 for Enterprise
CrashPlan for Enterprise

Incydr, no.

CrashPlan for Enterprise, no.

Code42 for Enterprise, yes.

CrashPlan for Small Business, yes.


Version 6.0 of the Code42 cloud is a major release that includes new features and a number of fixes and enhancements. This release primarily impacts cloud-only Code42 environments (without on-site authority or storage servers), but many of the fixes and enhancements also apply to Code42 environments with an on-premises authority server that use Code42 cloud storage.

Updates affect the following components:

  • Code42 platform (powers the Code42 cloud)
  • Code42 console
  • Code42 app for Windows, OS X, and Linux (version 6.0)


Refreshed Code42 app user interface

Version 6.0 of the Code42 app simplifies life for administrators and users with an overhauled user interface which makes it even easier to manage and use Code42 for backup and recovery. See Changes To The Code42 App In Version 6.0 for complete details.

Code42 app home screen

Security Center

The Code42 Security Center is now available for cloud-only Code42 environments (with no on-premises authority or storage servers). The Code42 Security Center allows administrators to monitor user file activity and helps provide insight into potential exfiltration threats.

Security Center user activity results

Access Lock

Access Lock enables administrators to lock a user device. This prevents access to all content on the device (not just the files selected for backup). Access Lock leverages Microsoft's BitLocker technology to lock all drives connected to the device with a new key. Once a device is locked, it is completely inaccessible without the new recovery key to unlock it.

Access Lock is very useful to prevent unauthorized access if:

  • A user is identified as an insider threat
  • A device is lost or stolen

Refreshed administration console design

The Code42 console navigation menu has updated styling.

Administration console navigation menu

New subscription options

The Code42 platform introduces different subscription options, called product plans. Each product plan includes a core set of features, enabling administrators to choose the plan most appropriate for them. Existing customers are automatically subscribed to the Classic plan, which includes all Code42 features (except Security Tools, which has always been an add-on). 

The Code42 console also features a revised Subscriptions screen, making it easier for administrators to check the status of user subscriptions.

Fixes and enhancements

Code42 platform

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to web restore and push restore performance.
  • Improves server-to-server sync processes.
  • Improvements to logging.
  • Introduces a new customer_admin permission and Customer Cloud Admin user role.
  • The section of a user's email address before the @ symbol is no longer limited to 64 characters. The max length for the entire address is still 255 characters.
  • Corrects an issue in which user backup status reports configured to send every day could occasionally skip a day.
  • Updates the following third-party libraries used in the Code42 platform:

Administration console

  • Security updates.
  • The Device Details screen now displays the actual file path on the user's device if an administrator uses a substitution variable and also locks the backup file selection. For example, if an organization has a locked file selection of :documents, the Device Details for a specific device now displays the file selection as C:/Users/Bob/Documents.
  • Adds a progress indicator to the Web Restore and Push Restore views when calculating totals for a large number of files selected for restore.
  • Non-administrator users can now view the History log for their own devices.
  • CrashPlan PRO backup reports are now correctly emailed to additional recipients added from Organization Settings > Reporting.
  • Users with only a username (but no first and last name entered) no longer generate a sorting error when attempting to sort by Name on the Users screen.
  • Improves reliability of real-time device status check (online or offline) when performing push restores. 
  • In the Code42 command-line interface, entering the command disconnect without a guid now correctly displays usage details for the command instead of an error message.
  • Corrects an rare issue in which Windows devices could incorrectly report the backup is 100% complete even though not all files are backed up.
  • For CrashPlan PRO users, improves the accuracy of used storage graphs and statistics throughout the administration console.
  • Corrects an issue in which User Profile Backup options incorrectly appeared for CrashPlan PRO users not licensed for that feature.
  • Renaming an organization now enforces a minimum length requirement of three characters.
  • The csv template to bulk add users no longer contains the the username field if Usernames are email addresses is selected.
  • When exporting a list of users to CSV from the action menu on the Users screen, the .csv file now includes additional columns that were previously only accessible via the Code42 API User resource.
  • Performing a web restore from the administration console for devices with custom key security now presents the option to enter either the custom key or the passphrase. 
  • Changes to version retention settings are now applied during regularly scheduled archive maintenance and no longer requires the user device to connect to the Code42 server. 
  • When attempting to navigate within the administration console after the session times out, the user is now redirected to the sign in screen instead of receiving an "invalid_token" error message.
  • Corrects an issue in which the History tab on the Device Details screen did not display history log information under certain circumstances. 
  • When performing a web restore from the administration console for a user with archive password security enabled, entering the wrong password now correctly allows the user to re-enter the password without first closing and re-opening the web restore window or refreshing the page.
  • Removes the Print option from the action menu on the Users screen. To print a list of users, use the web browser's print option instead.
  • Removes the Licensing graph from the Dashboard. For license status, see the Subscriptions page.
  • Adds columns for Archive Type, User, and Device Name to the Cold Storage screen.
  • Manually adding Windows file paths for file selection inclusions now accept both / and \ path separators.
  • When switching destinations in the From Destination dropdown menu while performing a web restore, corrects a rare issue for users with archive password security which could cause the restore window to close unexpectedly.
  • Removes most administration console navigation keyboard shortcuts.
  • Users can no longer attempt to deactivate or block themselves from the action menu on the Users screen. Previously, these options were available but resulted in an error message. Now, the Block and Deactivate options are dimmed when accessed for the signed-in user.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced in version 5.4.0 in which a child organization could not be moved to the root organization if there were three or fewer total organizations.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 5.3 in which the CLI command did not properly display newly set values defined with prop.set CLI command.

Code42 API

  • Removes the computerCount and backupSessionCount output values from the Destination resource (these were both deprecated in version 4.1.7). Use the backupComputerCount and archiveSessionCount output values instead.
  • Removes the following output values from the MasterLicense resource (these were all deprecated in version 5.4): 
    • demo
    • remainingDemoDays
    • seatsInUse
    • unlimited
    • seatCount
    • supported
    • lockedDown
    • perpetualSupportExpirationDate
    • perpetualSupportDaysRemaining
    • expiringLicenses
    • saasExpirationDate
    • freeTrialCount
    • nextFreeTrialExpirationDate
    • securityTools.isLicensed
    • securityTools.expirationDate
    • securityTools.daysUntilExpiration
  • Removes the DEMO_EXPIRED query parameter and output value from the AlertLog resource.
  • The following Destination output values now return null values instead of empty strings if there is no data for the value: 
    • balancedStorePointCount
    • serverCount
    • offlineServerCount
    • storePointCount
    • totalBytes
    • usedPercentage
    • freeBytes
    • freePercentage
    • coldBytes
    • coldPercentageOfUsed
    • coldPercentageOfTotal
  • Adding users via the User resource to organizations that do not use SSO or LDAP now requires either a password or email address to be included in the request (in addition to username)
  • Corrects an issue with the User resource in which using the srtKey parameter sometimes returned inconsistent or incomplete results. 
API documentation viewer
  • The API documentation viewer now correctly loads in the Safari web browser in Private mode.
  • Improves the Org resource descriptions of output values related to destination settings.
  • Improves the LogFile resource description of the pageNum output value and pgNum parameter.

Code42 app

Version 6—now called the Code42 app—introduces a new user interface that makes it even easier to use Code42 for backup and recovery. See Changes To The Code42 App In Version 6 for complete details.

All Code42 apps that connect to the Code42 cloud will be upgraded automatically.

Windows, OS X, and Linux

Version 6.0.0

  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • On Windows devices, corrects an issue in which some file metadata (such as Created Date) was not backed up in certain circumstances if a file was locked by another program at the time Code42 backed up the file. Also included in CrashPlan apps version 4.8.2 and 5.4.2. 
  • Corrects a rare issue that could result in the CrashPlan app being uninstalled from a device during a CrashPlan app upgrade.
  • Corrects an issue which could prevent devices behind proxy servers from connecting to the Code42 server in environments that use different PAC files for different network connections.
  • Removes support for Code42 apps on devices using Windows Server operating systems
  • Branding updates replace "Code42 CrashPlan" with "Code42."
  • In the Windows task manager, all Code42 processes now correctly display the Code42 logo.
  • Corrects an issue which could prevent uninstallation of the OS X CrashPlan app if the same user account installed the app both per user and "for everyone" on the same device.
  • Linux users with the system locale set to C or POSIX no longer experience intermittent errors when attempting to start or stop the CrashPlan service.
  • User devices on the same user account no longer attempt network connections to each other once Account Devices are unoffered as backup destination options.
  • Corrects a very rare issue in which CrashPlan app temporary folders were not properly deleted from Windows devices.
  • Adding wifi network exclusions now take effect immediately without requiring a restart of the Code42 service.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced in version 5.4.0 which could cause duplicate copies of files to be restored if the device enters sleep mode while files are being restored.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which files backed up from a Windows device could be restored with a short file name instead of the full file name. 
  • For devices behind proxy servers that have enabled auto-detection, users are no longer required to manually configure proxy settings in order to connect to Code42 servers (including the Code42 cloud).

Code42 cloud updates

July 5, 2017
  • Corrects an issue in which Code42 app version 6.0 did not properly back up files with alternate data streams (ADS)
  • Corrects an issue with AD FS compatibility in the Code42 cloud.
June 28, 2017
  • Changes the default role for the top-level administrator from Org Admin to Customer Cloud Admin.
June 14, 2017
  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
June 8, 2017
  • Performance and stability improvements. 
May 25, 2017

Updates impacting the Code42 app will be released beginning May 30, 2017.

  • Introduces single sign-on (SSO) support for Code42 cloud environments.
  • Signing in to the administration console and Code42 app is now a two-step process. A user is first prompted to enter only a username. The password is requested on the next screen. This follows industry standard best practices, and also enables future product innovations.  
  • Code42 cloud performance and stability improvements.
  • Endpoint monitoring performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to Code42 server logging.
  • Security updates.
  • Corrects an issue in which endpoint monitoring could prevent a user from properly ejecting a large external drive.
  • Administrators can now use the Code42 API to define specific file paths to exclude from removable media and cloud services endpoint detection monitoring.
  • Endpoint monitoring now only scans removable media for file modifications and creations; file contents are no longer scanned upon drive detection. Administrators can change this default via the Code42 API.
  • Internal drive partitions are monitored as internal drives only. They are no longer monitored as part of removable media detection.
  • Provides pattern matching performance improvements.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which temporary cache files were not automatically deleted from user devices with endpoint monitoring enabled.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced in version 6.0.0 in which using substitution variables to push changes to the backup file selection from the administration console did not properly save the file paths for backup.
  • Corrects a cosmetic issue in the Code42 app on Mac devices which could show all mounted volumes as selected for backup if the administrator defined the backup file selection using the substitution variable :main (which is only intended to cover the root Macintosh HD). In this case, the extra volumes were not actually backed up, even though they appeared to be selected in the Code42 app.
  • Improves Code42 app accessibility by increasing the weight and darkness of the font. This increases contrast and makes it easier to read.
  • Corrects an issue introduced in version 6.0.0 which prevented exporting a CSV file from the Security Center if File Restore activity was present.
  • When performing a web restore from the administration console, deselecting a file now correctly decreases the displayed file count of files to be restored.
  • In the administration console, setting an individual device's Backup new version setting to Every day no longer prevents changes to the other Version retention settings. 
  • REST API log information is now included in the request.log file. Data is no longer written to the rest.log file.
  • Each time an administrator moves a user from an organization with Compliance Settings enabled to an organization without Compliance Settings, a confirmation message appears. Previously, the confirmation only appeared the first time. 
  • The .identity file on Mac devices now contains metadata to prevent it from being backed up by Time Machine. This helps prevent unwanted duplicate device records (GUIDs) when using Time Machine to restore files to a new device.
  • In the API documentation viewer, the OrgBlock resource now correctly references orgId in examples instead of userId
  • In the Devices screen in the administration console, the Stored and Last Backup Activity headings are no longer clickable. These columns have never supported sorting, so clicking them previously had no effect. 
  • Code42 app for Splunk version 2.2 introduces numerous performance and stability improvements, including:
    • Better error handling.
    • Improvements to logging.
    • More accurate event counts.
    • Optimized event processing, especially for large numbers of events (10,000+).
    • If a storage server is unavailable, the app now requests events from any other available storage server.
    • Corrects a recent issue that prevented the complete set of security events for archives in the Code42 cloud from being imported to Splunk. 
May 2, 2017
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Corrects a rare issue in which the Code42 app could stop backup and restore activity and display the error message "Destination Unavailable - You have an older version" on devices with the current Code42 app version. 
April 27, 2017
  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to archive maintenance.
  • Improvements to sync processes between Code42 cloud servers and on-premises authority servers.
  • Improves support for customizing quality-of-service (QoS) policies with differentiated services code point (DSCP).
  • In the administration console, the Maximum seats quota is now labeled Maximum user subscriptions
  • Removes the TCP packet QoS settings from Settings > Device Backup > Network > General. These values are now defined in the new DSCP section.
  • Corrects an issue introduced with the initial release of Code42 cloud version 6.0.0 in which some actions in the administration console were only possible via an SSL connection. Now, http connections are once again fully functional. 
  • Corrects an issue in which changes to Device Backup settings in the administration console did not save properly under specific circumstances.
  • Corrects an issue which prevented administrators from being able to push and lock a change to the Remove deleted files frequency and version setting.
  • Corrects an issue in which attempting to download a file from the File Search web app could fail in environments that use both local backup destinations and Code42 cloud storage.
  • The administration console version and frequency settings no longer allow you to adjust the Last year and Previous years sliders if Last 90 days is set to Never.

Security Center

  • Security Center performance and stability improvements.
  • The User Activity results page now has editable search dates.
  • On the User Activity screen in the User Details section, the link to Add to a Profile now displays a list of available profiles. Previously, this link opened the Activity Notifications screen, but did not actively prompt to select a profile for the user.
  • Improves reporting if endpoint monitoring detects multiple events on the same file in rapid succession; these events are now grouped together and reported as a single event in the Security Center. Previously, a single large file creation could have been reported as a create event and multiple modify events. 
  • Improves accuracy of pattern matching results. 
  • On the Activity Results page, corrects an issue in which clicking the Most Current link to select a date did not display user activity that occurred during the selected date range. 
April 20, 2017
  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • In environments with an on-premises authority server that also use Code42 cloud storage, users with the Org Help Desk role can now perform device and web restores from the administration console.
  • Improves accuracy of Security Center user activity file counts and file size.
  • Corrects an issue in which specific circumstances did not allow moving an organization to be a child of a new organization.
  • Performance and stability improvements in Security Center when viewing and downloading user activity.
  • Administrators can now add blocked users to a Security Center activity profile.
  • Corrects an issue which prevented Code42 resellers from being able to purchase subscriptions for their customers.
April 10, 2017
  • Performance and stability improvements. 
  • Improvements to logging.
  • Improves web restore performance for Code42 environments with an on-premises authority server also using Code42 cloud storage.
  • Corrects an issue introduced with the initial Code42 cloud version 6.0 release: in the administration console, the help icon on the Settings pages now links to the correct support site reference guide for each page.
March 29, 2017
  • Improvements to web restore performance.
  • Corrects two issues introduced with the initial Code42 cloud version 6.0 release:
    • For environments configured for use with HIPAA, administrators can once again perform device restores from the administration console.
    • Administrators no longer receive the error message "Unable to block/unblock" when attempting to block or unblock an organization. 
March 22, 2017
  • Corrects an issue introduced with the initial Code42 cloud version 6.0 release of Security Center which caused some fields to be blank when exporting user activity to a .csv file.

March 24,2017
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Improvements to logging.
March 17, 2017
  • Security updates.
  • Performance and stability improvements.
  • Corrects a rare issue introduced with the initial Code42 cloud version 6.0 release in which some individual devices could not be edited from the Devices screen in the administration console.

Known issues

  • Attempting to view the history log for a user device in the administration console may display the error message "History log unavailable" under certain circumstances. 
  • In the Reporting web app, some search results are not properly localized when a non-English locale is selected in the administration console.
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