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Code42 Support

Resolve required Salesforce event stream errors


The Code42 data connection requires that certain event streams are enabled in your Salesforce environment in order to monitor it for report downloads. If the required event streams are not enabled, monitoring stops and an error appears in the data connection's details. This article helps you resolve the error and return the Salesforce data connection to Monitoring.

Resolve required event stream errors

In order to monitor your environment for report downloads, Code42 requires that streaming of Login Event, Logout Event, and Report event is enabled in the Salesforce Event Manager for your organization. If streaming of any of these events is disabled, this error message is displayed in the connection's details:

One or more required event streams have been disabled for your Salesforce organization. To return this data connection to monitoring, verify that "Enable Streaming" is selected for these events in the Salesforce Event Manager:

  • Login Event
  • Logout Event
  • Report Event

To resolve this error, verify that streaming for the required events is enabled for your Salesforce organization. After these events are enabled, Code42 detects the change, automatically clears the error, and returns the connection to the Monitoring status within 20 minutes.

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