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Resolve email domain already exists error


You can authorize a Google Workspace account for your Code42 environment only once as a cloud storage data connection (to monitor file movement in Google Drive locations) and once as an email service (to monitor file attachments sent outside your company).

When you attempt to register the same Google Workspace account for multiple cloud storage or email services, the following message appears during authorization: “A data connection with that email domain already exists.”

"A data connection with that email address already exists" message

This article describes how to resolve the error.

Resolve the email domain already exists error

To resolve the issue:

  • Verify that the account has been added only once as a cloud storage data connection or only once as an email service.
  • Consider creating another Google Workspace account for the data you want to monitor using a new email address under a different domain. You can add multiple unique Google Workspace accounts as Code42 data connections as long as the accounts are not associated in any way (that is, the accounts use different domains or have administrators with unique email addresses).
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