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Resolve Salesforce connected app revocation errors


To connect to your Salesforce environment, Code42 uses an OAuth-enabled connected app that has been granted access to your Salesforce data under the Code42 service account's user settings. If this app is revoked in Salesforce, the Code42 connection enters the Error status and monitoring stops. This article helps you resolve this error and return the connection to Monitoring.

Resolve Salesforce connected app errors

When you authorize the Code42 connection to Salesforce, a Code42 OAuth-enabled connected app is granted access to your Salesforce data under the Code42 service account's user settings. If there is an issue with this app's access, this error message is displayed in the connection's details:

The Code42 connected app has been revoked in Salesforce. Deauthorize this data connection and set up a new data connection.

This error occurs in the following situations:

  • The app was revoked in Salesforce.
  • The organization's custom My Domain has changed in Salesforce.

To resolve the error:

  1. Deauthorize the existing connection.
  2. Set up a new Salesforce connection in the Code42 console. During the new Code42 connection's authorization process, enter a new My Domain, if needed.

External resources

Salesforce documentation: What is My Domain?

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