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Resolve Salesforce API quota errors


The Code42 Salesforce data connection relies on API requests to collect information from your Salesforce environment about report downloads. To maintain performance, Salesforce may limit the number of API requests made by users or service accounts in each organization. If your Code42 data connection has exceeded its API quota, this article can help you resolve the error and return the connection to Monitoring.

Resolve Salesforce API quota errors

To maintain performance, Salesforce limits the number of API requests that can be made per day by users or service accounts in each organization. If your Salesforce environment uses a number of integrations, services, or applications that make requests using the API, your organization may exceed this limit. When this quota is reached, Code42 monitoring stops and this error message is displayed in the connection's details in the Code42 console:

Your API quota in Salesforce has been exceeded. Further activity cannot be detected for 24 hours. Contact Salesforce support for more information.

This error automatically resolves when the daily API quota in Salesforce resets (up to 24 hours later), and Code42's monitoring of your Salesforce environment resumes. You can use the tools within Salesforce to monitor API usage in your organization to identify services that aren't making efficient use of the API. If this error happens frequently, contact your Salesforce account representative for details on how you can increase your organization's API request allocation.

External resources

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