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Resolve "Microsoft Audit Log is inaccessible" errors for OneDrive


If audit is not enabled (or has been disabled) in your Microsoft environment, the Code42 OneDrive data connection enters an Error status and monitoring stops. This error message appears in the details for that data connection:

The Microsoft Audit Log is inaccessable. Re-enable the audit log in Microsoft 365 Compliance Center to return this data connection to monitoring.

This article helps you resolve the error.

Resolve inaccessible audit log errors

To resolve the issue, turn auditing on in your Microsoft environment. After you turn on audit, Code42 detect the change and returns the connection to the Monitoring status within 24 hours.

Code42 monitoring requires that audit is turned on
Audit must be turned on in your Microsoft environment in order for Code42 to be able to monitor files shared in your corporate OneDrive cloud storage or email attachments sent from your corporate Microsoft Office email accounts. If audit is off, Code42 cannot collect data and no file events appear in Forensic Search.

If you have one of the Microsoft business licenses, you may need to turn on audit in your environment before connecting with Code42. Unless it has previously been turned off, customers with a Microsoft enterprise license may already have audit turned on by default.

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