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Code42 Support

Resolve Google Super Admin errors


The Code42 Google Drive data connection must be authorized by a Super Admin in your Google Workspace. If the Google Super Admin username you entered during authorization does not exist, cannot be found, or is not a Super Admin, monitoring stops and an error appears in the data connection's details. This article helps you resolve the error and return the data connection to the Monitoring state.


This problem affects Google Drive data connections. When you authorize Code42's connection to your Google Drive environment, you enter the username for a Google Super Admin. If this username does not exist, cannot be found, or is not a Super Admin, the following message appears in the data connection's details:

There was an issue with the connection to Google Drive. Code42 is not monitoring activity.

The Google Super Admin specified during authorization does not exist or was not found.

Deauthorize and resume monitoring this data connector to resolve the issue. When you resume monitoring, provide a valid Google Super Admin email address.

Before you begin

Log in to your Google Admin console and verify:

  • The spelling and format of the Google Super Admin username you want to use to authorize Code42's connection
  • That username has a Super Admin role in Google Workspace

Correct any issues in the Google Admin console before continuing.

Resolve Google Super Admin errors

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console
  2. Go to Administration > Integrations > Data Connections.
  3. Locate the Google Drive data connection in the table, then click View details  .
    The details panel opens.
  4. Click Deauthorize to deauthorize the connection.
    A confirmation message appears.
    1. Click Deauthorize.
    2. In the "Remove access" step, click Close.
  5. On the Data Connections screen, click View details  .
    The Google Drive connection's details reopens.
  6. Click Resume monitoring.
  7. Follow the prompts to reauthorize Code42's connection to Google Drive. In the "Verify" step, enter the username of the Google Workspace Super Admin as it appears in the Google Admin console.
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