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Resolve Google Drive security data errors


In certain situations, Code42 may be unable to access your Google Drive environment to monitor its file activity. When Code42 is unable to gather data from your Google Drive environment, the following message appears at the top of the Data Connections screen after the Google Drive connection is authorized:

Data connection <ConnectionName> is not sending security data. To correct the problem, deauthorize then resume monitoring.

This article tells you how to resolve the error.

"Data connection is not sending security data" message

Resolve the "not sending security data" error

To resolve this issue, try the following solutions in the order listed:

  1. Make sure that your Google Workspace administrator has the Super Admin role.
    1. If needed, update permissions in the Google Admin console to give your administrator the Super Admin role. 
    2. After updating administrator permissions, deauthorize the Google Drive cloud storage data connection in the Code42 console. 
    3. Resume monitoring the Google Drive cloud storage data connection again using the email address of the administrator with the Super Admin role.
      The authorization process must be completed by someone who holds the Super Admin role in your Google Workspace. No other administrator levels are valid.
  2. Verify that the permissions (or scopes) required by the Code42 service account have been added to your Google Workspace correctly.
  3. Verify that Drive and Docs is turned on for everyone in your Google Workspace (or for everyone in the Google Workspace organizational unit that you want to monitor).
    Code42 can only monitor file activity for the organizational units with Drive and Docs enabled.
  4. Verify that third-party apps have access to Drive files. Code42 cannot monitor your Google Drive environment if this setting is disabled.
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