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Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2
Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1

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Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, yes.

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, yes.

Code42 Support

"No file available for download" reasons


In some situations, exfiltrated file contents are not collected, resulting in no download link appearing in the Code42 console. This article lists possible error reasons and describes why these errors may occur.

Error codes

In the file event details, files that could not be collected display the message No file available for download. In some cases, a more specific reason is also included in parentheses (see example in the image below). The following table lists these possible reasons.

 When you contact our Technical Support Engineers, providing the specific error message helps with troubleshooting. 

File not found error message

Error message Description
File not found There was an error reading the file. This could be because the file was deleted,  removable media was disconnected before the file could be collected, or a permission issue prevented Code42 from reading the file. In some cases, metadata such as the MD5 or SHA256 hash may be missing.
File too large The file size is too large to be collected.
Cloud shortcut The file was not collected because it is a shortcut (or "stub file") pointing to cloud storage. As a result, the actual file contents did not exist on the device.
Upload failed The file was collected, could not be uploaded to the Code42 cloud. This could be because of an internal Code42 error or because of a problem with the device's authentication token.

Internal error 01

Internal error 02

Internal error 05

A communication problem occurred between the Code42 app and the Code42 cloud.

Internal error 03

Internal error 04

There was an error in the Code42 app.
Internal error 06 This file was on a network drive and could not be read, possibly because of permission errors.
Internal error 07 This file was on a network drive and there was an error copying/collecting it.

Limit exceeded 01

Limit exceeded 02

The number or size of files being exfiltrated exceeded the local cache size, so this file was not collected.
Unknown error

This file was not available, but no specific reason could be determined. Possible reasons include:

  • Network connection errors.
  • For Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, an error occurred backing up the file.
  • A deprecated error code was sent to the Code42 cloud.
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