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Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, no.

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Prevent users from uninstalling the Code42 app


This article explains how to specify Code42 app installation properties on Windows devices to prevent users from uninstalling the Code42 app from the Windows Control Panel or Start menu. This helps to better secure the information on user devices by ensuring Code42 backup and file exflitration detection are always running.


The steps below only apply to Windows devices.

Option 1: Multiple devices

To apply this setting to more than one device, add the ARPNOREMOVE= parameter to the Code42 app installation properties used in your software management tool (such as SCCM). The ARPNOREMOVE parameter does not require a value. Any value, including false or null, prevents uninstalling.

Create a deployment policy, then add the uninstall property
The Code42 console enables you to create a deployment policy, which automatically generates default installation properties for the Code42 app. Consider using these properties as a starting point, and then manually adding the ARPNOREMOVE= parameter before supplying the properties to your software management tool.

Option 2: During installation on a single device

  1. Locate the Code42 app installer on the device and note the file path and filename.
  2. From the Windows command line, launch the Code42 app installer with the ARPNOREMOVE parameter. For example:msiexec /i C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\Code42_n.n.n_123456789_Win64.msi ARPNOREMOVE=
    • The ARPNOREMOVE parameter does not require a value. Any value, including false or null, prevents uninstalling.
    • Update the file path and filename, including the version number, to match the installer file on your device.
  3. After the Code42 app installation is complete, remove the .msi installer file from the device.

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