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Code42 Support

Pre-stage Code42 backup and legacy agent upgrades


By default, upgrading devices in the Code42 cloud involves sending upgrade files to each user device when the device connects to the Code42 cloud at the scheduled update time. Depending on your environment, this process can consume enough network bandwidth that it results in slower network speeds during your employees' working hours.

To alleviate this problem, if you have already set an upgrade delay, you can optionally pre-stage the Code42 agent upgrade files on each device during off-peak hours using a client management tool like SCCM or JAMF. Then when upgrade occurs, the upgrade files are already in place on each device, resulting in faster upgrade performance.


  • Perform this procedure before initiating client upgrades. That is, pre-stage the upgrade files before the date shown in the Scheduled Update setting, or if you choose to manually update clients ahead of schedule, before you select Upgrade Clients.
  • These steps do not apply to the insider risk agent.


Step 1: Download the upgrade .jar files

To obtain the Code42 agent upgrade .jar files to distribute to devices, contact our Technical Support Engineers.

Step 2: Pre-stage the upgrade .jar files

  1. Ensure the Code42 agent is "installed for all users" on devices rather than "installed per user."
  2. Push the .jar files using your preferred file management application and place them in the Code42 agent /upgrade directory on user devices:
  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Code42\upgrade
  • Mac: /Library/Application Support/CrashPlan/upgrade
  • Linux: /usr/local/code42/upgrade 
Code42 agent installation paths
Use the above paths if the Code42 agent is installed for all users (the default). If the Code42 agent is installed per user, see the File and folder hierarchy for the application location under which the /upgrade directory can be found. 
  1. Select Administration > Agent Management > Agent Updates to schedule client updates.
    On the date of the Scheduled Update on the Client Updates screen, Code42 upgrades clients in your environment using the upgrade .jar files pushed to the devices. 
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