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Getting started with Incydr agent modernization


When your Code42 environment is enabled for Incydr agent modernization, you get access to the insider risk agent, our redesigned, purpose-built agent for insider risk management. You'll also notice improvements to the Code42 console experience. This article describes these changes and the initial configuration steps needed to prepare your environment. 

To get started with agent modernization, contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to engage the Code42 Professional Services team.


Once enabled for agent modernization, you can migrate your Code42 apps to the following agents. 

Insider risk agent

Our redesigned, purpose-built agent for insider risk management, which features:

  • Increased capture rate of extfiltrated files
  • Minimal user impact 
  • No user interface or tray icon 
Backup agent

An updated, more compact version of the Code42 app, solely focused on file backup and restore.

The existing Code42 app now appears in the Code42 console as the legacy agent

See Migrate Code42 apps via agent modernization for details on migrating agents to the insider risk agent and backup agent.

Configuration steps 

Complete the following initial steps for preparing your Code42 environment.  

Step 1: Update settings for the insider risk agent 

Depending on your systems and processes, you may need to update your your security endpoint detection and response (EDR) applications and review proxy settings. If you have macOS devices, you must create and deploy a computer configuration profile for the insider risk agent.

Review proxy settings 

If you direct Incydr traffic through a proxy, review and approve your proxy settings for use with the insider risk agent. 

Grant permission to macOS devices

Create and deploy a computer configuration profile for the insider risk agent. Use this profile in addition to your existing profile for the Code42 app. See macOS permissions for the insider risk agent for instructions. 

Dedicated computer configuration profile required for the insider risk agent
The insider risk agent cannot function properly without a computer configuration profile specific to the insider risk agent. If you do not have a computer configuration profile in place for the insider risk agent, macOS permissions messages will appear for users on their endpoints. 

Update EDR configuration if needed

If you encounter false positives in your security endpoint detection and response (EDR) applications, and you suspect that the insider risk agent may be responsible, investigate whether you need to change settings in your EDRs to allow activity by the insider risk agent. See Best practices for using Code42 with EDR software for instructions on adding EDR exceptions for the insider risk agent. 

Step 2: Create a deployment secret 

The insider risk agent uses a deployment secret to authorize the agent and limit the time in which an agent can register. See the Deployment policies reference for information about creating and using deployment secrets.

Step 3: Review deployment policies 

Review your existing deployment policies and user detection scripts to ensure they meet your needs for both the insider risk agent and backup agent. 

Step 4: Enable a test device or organization 

Enable a test device or organization for agent modernization. See Migrate Code42 apps via agent modernization for details. 

Code42 console updates

As part of this update, you'll see updates in some areas of the Code42 console. 

Refresh your web browser to see updates
Once enabled for agent modernization by Code42 Professional Services, you may need to refresh your web browser to see the changes in the Code42 console.

In the articles accessed from the links below, the Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2 section in those articles shows the information for the insider risk agent. The Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1 section shows the information for the backup agent.

Click the expander icons below to learn more about the updated screens in:

  • Administration > Environment > Organizations, Users, and Devices
  • Administration > Agent Management (previously Client Management) > Downloads, Deployment, Agent Updates, and Agent Modernization
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