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Instructor, yes.

Incydr Professional, Enterprise, Horizon, and Gov F2, yes.

Incydr Basic, Advanced, and Gov F1, yes.

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Introduction to Code42 Instructor


Code42 Instructor is a compilation of training resources to help you educate employees about risky behaviors and how to prevent them. Use Code42 Instructor to:

  • Promote and ensure data use policy compliance
  • Enable and empower a more risk-aware workforce
  • Reduce accidental and negligent employee data leaks

Code42 Instructor's educational content takes these different forms to help build a security-minded culture and reduce insider risk:

  • Proactive situational and responsive cybersecurity awareness lessons educate users about security risks and provide best practices on how to avoid them in short, engaging videos. Lessons are SCORM-ready and can be downloaded and plugged directly into your learning management or training system. Custom-branded training lessons are also available.
  • Posters reinforce your security training by reminding users of safe practices and potential traps when sharing, syncing, and emailing data.
  • Communication templates allow you to quickly craft direct messages, chats, or emails to notify users about security practices or request more information about user activity. You can then customize them as needed according to your organization's needs and culture.

This article introduces Code42 Instructor and describes how to access lessons and educational content or integrate Code42 Instructor into your Incydr workflows.


Custom-branded Code42 Instructor lessons

If your Code42 Instructor product plan includes custom-branded lesson packs, you can have Code42 Instructor lessons branded with your company logo. You will need an image of your logo that is:

  • A transparent PNG
  • 600px x 600px

If you choose this option, you grant Code42 the right to use your trademarks and company logo in accordance with your trademark usage guidelines solely for purposes of adding this brand to Code42 Instructor lessons.

For more information or to request your custom-branded lesson packs, contact your CSM. If you do not know your CSM, contact our Technical Support Engineers.

Download Code42 Instructor content

Contact your CSM for more information about how to download Code42 Instructor lessons, posters, and communication templates for use in your security awareness and training programs. If you do not know your CSM, contact our Technical Support Engineers.

Integrate Code42 Instructor lessons with Incydr

If you purchased an Code42 Instructor product plan, you can send lessons directly to users from within the Code42 console in response to changes in the employee's tenure or their risky activity.

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console.
  2. Click Instructor.
    Instructor screen with lessons
    The screen provides details on how you can get started with Code42 Instructor and lists the available Situational and Responsive lessons.
    • Situational lessons provide targeted training that directly address situations relevant to the user's place in their employee tenure, such as new hire security practices, security risks for employees with elevated access, or details about what employees can take with them when they leave your company. These lessons partner well with Incydr watchlists that group similar employees together for additional monitoring.
    • Responsive lessons allow you to respond directly to a user's risky activity like unsafe iCloud sharing, uploads to cloud storage services that your organization doesn't allow, or attachments sent to personal email addresses. These lessons pair with alert notifications generated by that risky activity.
  3. If needed, click View details  to review a specific lesson's details. From here, you can update lesson video URLs or customize the lesson message text.
  4. Send Instructor lessons to users to provide additional training for changes in their position or in response to their risky activity.
    • Manually: Use the Actions menu when it appears in Incydr to manually send lessons to directly to users in response to tenure changes or alert notifications.
    • Automatically: Create alert rules that automatically send lessons to users in response to risky activity that has triggered an alert rule.
  5. Click Automation settings to limit the frequency with which the same lesson is sent to a user. 

View lesson details

On the Instructor screen, click View details  to see more information about the lesson, such as:

  • The lesson's description
  • The URL and message subject that is sent to users when you send a lesson
  • The users to which the lesson has been sent, as well as whether the lesson was sent manually via the actions menu or automatically in response to activity that triggered an alert rule

Under Response, click Edit  to update the video URL or message text.

Under Users, click View details View details to review details such as whether the lesson was sent via email or Slack.

Instructor lesson details

Update lesson URLs 

If you have integrated a downloaded Code42 Instructor lesson into your own learning management or training system, you can direct Incydr to use that URL when you send a lesson to a user.

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console.
  2. Go to Instructor.
  3. Locate the lesson in the Situational lessons or Responsive lessons table, then click View details  .
  4. Click Edit  on the right side of the Video URL field.
  5. Enter the URL address where the lesson video is hosted and then click Save.
    Incydr then inserts this URL into the message when you send an Code42 Instructor lesson to a user.
  6. (Optional) If needed, click Restore defaults to return to the default lesson URL.
    Restore defaults appears only if the lesson URL has been previously customized.

Edit lesson message text 

When you send a Code42 Instructor lesson to a user, Incydr emails that user a link to the URL where the lesson can be viewed. You can update this message to customize it for your organization's culture and contact details.

  1. Sign in to the Code42 console.
  2. Go to Instructor.
  3. Locate the lesson in the Situational lessons or Responsive lessons table, then click View details  .
  4. Click Edit  on the right side of the Message field to do the following:
    1. Update the Subject.
    2. Edit the Body of the message to customize it for your organization.
      The message body must include the {{lesson.videoURL}} placeholder. Incydr automatically replaces this placeholder with a link to the URL where the lesson video can be viewed. If this placeholder is missing, click Insert lesson URL placeholder to place it at the cursor's current position in the message body.
  5. Click Save.
  6. (Optional) If needed, click Restore defaults to return to the default lesson message.
    Restore defaults appears only if the lesson message has been previously customized.
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