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Permissions required for the Box connector


When you connect Code42 to Box, you grant a number of permissions to Code42 in your Box environment. This article lists the permissions Code42 requires as well as what those permissions allow Code42 to do in your Box environment.

Box permissions

Code42 collects file events from Box. A file event is any activity observed for a file, such as creating, modifying, sharing, renaming, moving, or deleting a file. To see this file activity, Code42 requires access to your Box environment.

Code42 requires the following:

  • The following Box scopes:
    • Read all files and folders stored in Box (root_readonly)
    • Read and write all files and folders stored in Box (root_readwrite)
    • Manage groups (manage_groups)
    • Manage webhooks v2 (manage_webhook)
    • Manage enterprise properties (manage_enterprise_properties)
    • Manage users (manage_app_users and manage_managed_users)
  • Integrations enabled.
  • Permissions for co-admins to Manage groups and Run new reports and access existing reports.

This set of permissions gives Code42 the access to user information, file metadata, and drives needed to monitor file activity. This set includes manage and write permissions required for the Code42 data connection. However, Code42 is committed to data integrity and does not:

  • Write to or modify content in your cloud storage environment
  • Monitor the contents of files in cloud storage
  • Back up files in cloud storage
More information on file activity
For more information on the specific metadata and file events visible in Forensic Search, see the File event metadata reference.

External resources

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